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Seaton Fitness Centre

LED's Seaton Fitness Centre is situated in the heart of this iconic East Devon town. An amazing 37 station gym with cardiovascular and resistance machines, fabulous freeweights and functional training specific areas

This sleek centre also boasts a stunning exercise class studio for our ever popular classes such as studio cycling, yoga and pilates

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Sun 20th
Mon 21st
Tue 22nd
Wed 23rd
Thu 24th
Fri 25th
Sat 26th
Sun 27th
Mon 28th
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Teen Gym Sunday 20th Aug 10:00 60 mins 15 Book
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Studio Cycling Monday 21st Aug 07:15 45 mins 5 Book
Body Pump Monday 21st Aug 09:00 55 mins 9 Book
Step Monday 21st Aug 10:00 55 mins 8 Book
Core Conditioning Monday 21st Aug 11:00 55 mins 6 Book
Teen Gym Monday 21st Aug 16:30 60 mins 15 Book
Studio Cycling Monday 21st Aug 17:15 45 mins 2 Book
Kettlercise Monday 21st Aug 18:00 55 mins 3 Book
Circuits Monday 21st Aug 18:15 60 mins 14 Book
Core Conditioning Monday 21st Aug 19:00 30 mins 7 Book
Mindfulness Meditation Monday 21st Aug 20:00 55 mins 10 Book
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Studio Cycling Tuesday 22nd Aug 09:00 45 mins 2 Book
Pilates Tuesday 22nd Aug 10:00 60 mins 1 Book
Body Pump Tuesday 22nd Aug 11:00 60 mins 6 Book
Pulse Tuesday 22nd Aug 13:00 60 mins 15 Book
Functional Blitz Tuesday 22nd Aug 13:15 30 mins 8 Book
Circuits Tuesday 22nd Aug 14:00 55 mins 9 Book
Teen Gym Tuesday 22nd Aug 16:30 60 mins 15 Book
Body Pump Tuesday 22nd Aug 18:00 55 mins 5 Book
Studio Cycling Tuesday 22nd Aug 19:00 45 mins 0 Full
Yoga Fitness Tuesday 22nd Aug 20:00 60 mins 0 Full
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Studio Cycling Wednesday 23rd Aug 07:15 45 mins 0 Full
Pilates Wednesday 23rd Aug 09:00 45 mins 3 Book
Pilates Wednesday 23rd Aug 10:00 45 mins 11 Book
Pulse Wednesday 23rd Aug 14:00 60 mins 15 Book
Teen Gym Wednesday 23rd Aug 16:30 60 mins 15 Book
Body Pump Express Wednesday 23rd Aug 17:15 45 mins 1 Book
Functional Blitz Wednesday 23rd Aug 18:15 30 mins 1 Book
Studio Cycling Wednesday 23rd Aug 18:15 45 mins 0 Full
Circuits Wednesday 23rd Aug 19:00 55 mins 0 Full
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Body Pump Thursday 24th Aug 09:00 55 mins 3 Book
Aerobics Thursday 24th Aug 10:00 55 mins 7 Book
Core Balance Thursday 24th Aug 11:00 60 mins 5 Book
Teen Gym Thursday 24th Aug 16:30 60 mins 15 Book
Studio Cycling Thursday 24th Aug 18:00 45 mins 6 Book
Pilates Thursday 24th Aug 19:00 55 mins 6 Book
Thai Yoga Thursday 24th Aug 20:00 60 mins 3 Book
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Body Conditioning Friday 25th Aug 09:00 55 mins 8 Book
Body Pump Friday 25th Aug 10:00 55 mins 4 Book
Yoga Friday 25th Aug 11:00 60 mins 8 Book
Circuits Friday 25th Aug 13:00 55 mins 10 Book
Pulse Friday 25th Aug 14:00 55 mins 14 Book
Teen Gym Friday 25th Aug 16:30 55 mins 13 Book
Functional Blitz Friday 25th Aug 17:30 30 mins 8 Book
Body Pump Friday 25th Aug 18:00 60 mins 9 Book
Bootcamp Friday 25th Aug 18:30 60 mins 21 Book
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Studio Cycling Saturday 26th Aug 09:15 45 mins 3 Book
Teen Gym Saturday 26th Aug 10:00 60 mins 15 Book
Body Pump Saturday 26th Aug 10:15 45 mins 11 Book
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Teen Gym Sunday 27th Aug 10:00 60 mins 15 Book
Activity Date Start Duration Spaces Action
Studio Cycling Monday 28th Aug 07:15 45 mins 13 Book
Body Pump Monday 28th Aug 09:00 55 mins 12 Book
Step Monday 28th Aug 10:00 55 mins 15 Book
Core Conditioning Monday 28th Aug 11:00 55 mins 12 Book
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Expiry Date: 31/12/2018
The Grove
The Underfleet
EX12 2FU

Opening Times
Monday 7.00am - 10.00pm
Tuesday 7.00am - 10.00pm
Wednesday 7.00am - 10.00pm
Thursday 7.00am - 10.00pm
Friday 7.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Sunday 9.00am - 5.00pm

From Seaton Seafront, Esplanade Road, head towards the town on Harbour Road.  At the roundabout take the first exit towards the Tramline and Jurassic Coast Centre.  At the next roundabout take the first left into Underfleet Way where you will be able to see Seaton Fitness Cente straight in front of you - we look forward to seeing you there!

Customer Stories

Such a fun class, the instructor is a bundle of energy who inspires us all to work harder. She has excellent people skills and everyone enjoys her classes!

I was a little apprehensive as  I didn’t know what to expect. However I was put at ease and the teacher guided me through the exercises with lots of care and attention.  She took the time to answer all my questions so I left feeling really confident and excited about my next session

I have been studio cycling since January and I love it! I know that sounds mad, I didn´t think exercise could be this much fun, but it is! The instructor makes a relaxing and fun environment, and it's not intimidating at all, I can set my own level for each track so I can go as easy or as hard as I like!

I was always sceptical about yoga thinking that I wouldn’t be bendy enough but after my first class I realised there was so much more to it! I’m encouraged to explore postures and whilst the classes can be intense the work goes deep and stays with me long after I’ve gone home

One of my favourite classes! The instructor keeps you moving, motivated and laughing throughout the whole time – one of the best ways I’ve found to keep fit – a great way to let off some steam!

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