Social distancing & face masks update

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Read our Online Health Commitment Statement before participating in online classes.

Live Streaming

NEW Live Stream Classes!   

Join our LED Instructors from the comfort of your own home through our new Live Streaming Classes.
LED are hosting a variety of classes including Les Mills Bodypump, Bodybalance, HIIT, Yoga, Stretch and Conditioning workouts.
You can share the screen to a laptop or smart tv to watch our live instructors bring the class to you at home, just add your home club and click the Live Stream button to join in the fun!


Day Time Class Instructor
Monday 09:15am  Body Pump Tash
10:15am  Body Balance Tash
7.15pm  Zumba Cheryl


Low Impact Aerobics


11:00am Pilates Julie



Studio Strength

Wednesday 09:15am Body Pump Tash
10:15am Body Balance Tash
Thursday 10:00am Yoga Tash
5.30pm GRIIT Lindsay
6.15pm Zumba Cheryl
Friday 09:15am Body Pump Annabel
10:30am Core Conditioning Annabel

Class times and instructors may change, pleaes check the LED Live Stream on the app which will always be correct.


Download the LED App and get involved...

Just in case that wasn't enough LED have teamed up with MOVE123 and Les Mills on Demand to offer you even more variety of ways to stay fit and health online.


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