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LED Recommends the Active 10 App

It's Never Been Easier to Start Getting Active!

We're always looking for new Apps to help everyone on their way to an active life and here at LED we are loving the new Active 10 App from Public Health England!

Quick and free to download this fab app encourages you to take a brisk 10 minute walk.  Each 10 minute burst of exercise, known as an “Active 10”, can make such a difference to your day and make you feel better in so many ways!

A brisk walk can boost your energy, clear your head and lift your mood, it can help people with lower back pain and those at risk of high blood pressure.  It’s also seriously good for your long-term health and it can reduce your risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes

It's hard to know sometimes if what you're doing is really making a difference but the free Active 10 app takes away the guesswork. It shows how much brisk walking you’re doing and how you can do more. It's easy to use and helps you set your goals for the day!

Click HERE for more information or download the App below!