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7 Simple & Easy Weight Loss Tips

Here are a few of our favourite ideas!

  • Always take the stairs instead of lifts or escalators
  • Leaving the car at home for short journeys like a quick trip to the newsagents for the morning papers
  • Walking / cycling to work or getting off the bus a stop or two earlier to walk the rest of the wa.
  • If you work at a desk, make sure lunch breaks are spent taking a short walk in the park or around the shops
  • Take up an active leisure time hobby like dancing /going for family walk / cleaning your car
  • Anytime you do go for a walk, try to make sure it is at a brisk pace, however short it may be
  • During TV ad breaks of one of your favourite TV programmes, set yourself a target of achieving a number of sit-ups, press ups or walk up and down the stairs for 3 minutes

Burning 100 more calories per day will lead to half a kg (1 lb) of fat loss every five weeks - thats 4.5 kgs of fat per year!

Why not have a chat with a member of the fitness team if you would like some more of our top tips!