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Covid-19 Show Reschedules


Hi everyone

We really hope you are keeping safe and well.

As you will already know, all Theatres are closed at the moment.  It is a very sad time for us all and we are working hard behind the scenes to reschedule all of the shows affected.

Where a show has rescheduled, tickets have been transferred automatically to the new date – your existing tickets remain valid. If can't make new date we will credit your account.

In cases where the show has cancelled we have processed refunds using the info you used at time of booking.

You may request a refund any time after a show's rescheduled date up until 30 days before the new date.  After this time, no refund will be available.

Some shows we are still waiting for new information for and will update you about them on this webpage below as soon as we can.  However, as of 23rd July, we are rescheduling everything up to and including September 2020

The Box office is open 7 days a week for shows later in the year, all of which are on our website.  You can book online 24/7  at or call 01395 222477.

The cafe and box office are open from 9am everyday.

More than ever, both the team here and all of the performers would value your support.  So, if you can credit your account, and/or book a show for later in the year your commitment would really be appreciated.

Do take care and everyone here at Exmouth Pavilion looks forward to welcoming you back again soon.



Rescheduled Show Dates


Lionel Richie Thursday 19th March re-scheduled to Friday 12th Feb 2021

Jack Off the Beanstalk Sat 21st March – re-scheduled to Sat 1st May 2021 new show Sleeping with Beauty.

Ed Byrne - Thursday 26th March - Now Rescheduld to 15th January 2021

Centre Stage West Side Story was 31st March to 4th April – re-scheduled to Mon 27th July - Friday 31st July 7.30pm.  Additional Matinee Performances on Wednesday 29th & Friday 31st July 2.30pm - THIS SHOW HAS RESCHEDULED AGAIN AND THE NEW DATES ARE; Tuesday 13th April 2021 - Sat 17th April with Matinee performances on Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30pm

Rapunzel Mon 6th April – Re-scheduled date is Monday 5th April 2021 to their 2021 prodcution of Wind and the Willows

Clinton Baptiste Thursday 9th April – Cancelled but Scheduling new tour date 2021.

Believe – Cher Friday 10th April – Cancelled

Little Mix Sat 12th April – re-scheduled to Sunday 8th November 2020

Bowie Experience Sat 12th April – Cancelled

Coldplace Sat 18th April – re-scheduled for Sat 22nd May 2021

Doris Day and Night Wed 22nd April – re-scheduled to Thursday 17th September 2020

Cocker Friday 24th April – Cancelled

Francis Rossi Sat 25th April 2020 – re-scheduled to Friday 5th March 2021

Adele - Someone Like You Wed 29th April 2020 – re-scheduled to Wed 7th October 2020

Great Balls of Fire Fri 1st May 2020 – Cancelled

Roy Orbison Story Sat 2nd May 2020 has moved to Thursday 4th March 2021

VE Day Celebration Thursday 7th May - Now Rescheduled to Sunday 9th May 2021.

Funny Girls Sat 9th May – Re Scheduled Friday 11th September 2020

AJ’s Big Band Sunday 10th May 2020 re-scheduled to Thursday 11th March 2021

Les Musicals Wed 13th May 2020 re-scheduled to Thursday 13th May 2021

Ballroom Boys Thursday 14th May  - Rescheduled to Wednesday 17th February 2021

Tina Turner 15th May 2020 re-scheduled to Friday 19th March 2021

Lympstone Boxing - Cancelled

Streisand Sunday 17th May - Cancelled

Steeleye Span Monday 18th May – Rescheduled to 20th May 2021

The Zombies Wed 20th May – Rescheduled to Friday 26th February 2021

The Jersey Beats 21st May - Rescheduled to 29th April 2021

Bohemians Friday 22nd May – Rescheduled to Friday 14th May 2021

Jive Talking Sat 23rd May – Rescheduled to Saturday 29th May 2021

Quo Experience Friday 29th May – Rescheduled to Friday 4th June 2021

Chicago From 3rd June - 6th June - Cancelled

The Vintage Boys Friday 12th June - Rescheduled to Sunday 20th September 2020

Arrival - The Best of Abba Saturday 13th June - Rescheduled to Sat 6th November 2021

Re Take That Sat 27th June - Cancelled

Beautiful Noise - Neil Diamond Tribute Fri 3rd July - Rescheduled to Fri 2nd October 2020

Raymond Froggatt Sunday 4th July - Rescheduled to Sunday 4th July 2021

Oye Santana Fri 10th July - Rescheduled to Fri 21st May 2021

Lisa Stanley Fri 17th July - Saturday 8th May 2021

Perfect (Ed Sheeran & Beyonce Tribute) Sat 18th July - Cancelled

Magnificent Buble Fri 24th July - Rescheduled date Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Into the Shadows Friday 7th August - Rescheduled to Fri 6th August 2021

Rock with Laughter Friday 14th August - Rescheduled to Sunday 2nd May

Hells Bells Friday 21st August - Rescheduled to Friday 22nd Jan 2021

Back To Bacharach Friday 4th Sept - Rescheduled to Sunday 2nd May 2021.

South West Brass Band Competition will not be taking place this year but will be back next year on Sat 4th September 2021.

Timeless Tuesday 8th September - Rescheduled to Thursday 9th September 2021

Doris Day Songbook Thursday 17th September - Rescheduled to Thursday 16th September 2021.

Roy 'Chubby' Brown Thursday 24th September 2020 - Rescheduled to Friday 24th September 2021.

Beach Boyz Band Fri 25th Sept - Rescheduled to Sat 20th March 2021



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