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Exmouth Leisure Centre Crèche Update

Following many years of great service, regretfully Exmouth Leisure Centre will not be reopening the customer crèche.

Following covid-19 we carried out a thorough review of all our activities and regretfully we have been unable to find a way of delivering this service viably. Whilst it is not an activity we have sought to gain from financially we have been unable to find a way to continue its delivery sustainably.

We have now looked to provide other services that will enable parents to stay active whilst looking after their children. Activities such as ‘Baby Beats,’  and Bootcamp, that can be attended by both parents and children, will be will be launched in September with a full timetable confirmed shortly. We will continue to add to these classes as we are able, to cover a range of days and times.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff and customers that supported the crèche over many years, and kept our members active and their children safe. We hope to continue to do this in a different way in the future.

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