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Get Back to Netball with LED!

Posted by on April 20th 2018 in

Show the Kids how its done with our Back to Netball sessions here at LED Over 60,000 women have taken part in the Back to Netball sessions since it first started - so now is your chance to get back into the game! Sessions are for women of all ages and all abilities, whether you used to play or have always wanted to learn - this is the one for you! A great way to keep active and meet new p...

Why Weight Training for Women?

Posted by on April 18th 2018 in

Our Top 5 Reasons to Pick up Those Weights Girls! The rack of weights in the gym can sometimes appear a bit daunting but there's a lot to be gained! Weight Training can be More Effective Fat Loss Are you thinking weightlifting only benefits those who want gigantic muscles? Think again... ! We have all heard those awful horror stories; lifting heavy weights make women bulky, it...

Healthier Choices in our Vending Machines

Posted by on April 13th 2018 in

We've Made Some Changes to our Vending Machines! Listening to our community and working with Change 4 Life we have made some exciting changes to most of our vending machines by incorporating the 100kcals Two a Day Max campaign from Change 4 Life! The majority of our LED vending machines will now stock at least FIVE 100kcal snacks for you to choose from in order try and help us all...

The Breakfast and Sugar Industry

Posted by on April 12th 2018 in

The Breakfast and Sugar Industry Breakfast cereals are a multi-million pound industry that thrive off selling and promoting sugary cereals to children. If you walk down any isle of a convenience or super store, Some brands will have not only their own shelf but, it’s own isle, full of high sugar cereals which children and adults eat as their first meal of the day Earlier th...

Swimming Tips for Tiddlers!

Posted by on March 1st 2018 in

Swimming Tips for Tiddlers!
Swimming is an essential life skill, the earlier we learn the better. However not every child is a natural water baby and often need a bit of a helping hand and some encouragement.  Busy lifestyles often prevent us from making time to take youngsters especially baby or toddlers to swimming classes Here we have created a run down of activities you can do with your child, in your o...