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International Learn to Swim Week 2022

Posted on May 4th 2022 by

International Learn to Swim Week 2022

We encourage all LED customers to join us in celebrating International Learn to Swim week – whether you book in for your first swimming lesson, give Aquafit a try, challenge yourself to complete a set distance in the pool or simply come down for a paddle with some friends.

We will be ready to welcome you and answer any swimming related questions you might have! #LoveWaterSafely

With over 2,200 swimmers taking part in LED simming lessons each week, our programme is designed to teach people of all ages and abilities how to swim with an emphasis on safety and FUN! We are passionate about helping everyone learn to swim and we follow the Swim England Learn to Swim pathway, supporting babies from their first splash to being competent swimmers that have a lifelong interest in swimming. 

There’s no denying the numerous physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits of swimming. It is also no exaggeration to say that learning how to swim, and the wider importance of water safety, are skills that may well save a life one day.

Beyond the importance of water safety, learning to swim isn’t just a life skill, it’s a way of opening up so many more opportunities. Learning to swim brings freedom, fun and can allow us to create lifelong memories in and around water - from summers at the beach with friends and family, paddle boarding, water polo, kite surfing and so much more!

Swimming also helps develop self-confidence and social skills. With every new stroke or skill a child learns, they will be developing self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Whilst swimming is generally an individual sport, swimming lessons give children an opportunity to develop their social skills and adults a chance to form new friendships over a shared passion.

We believe swimming has played a really important role in helping people of all ages recover from the pandemic, physically and mentally. 

“It was quite amazing to see a new-found passion ignite in hundreds of people when we reopened the doors to our pools following the pandemic. Yes, people were glad to get back to the gym and to go to fitness classes with their friends, but swimming just had something different about it. It was something we simply could not do for such a long time and I think that time away from the water really took a toll on so many of us – not just adults but our children too. It’s great to see people develop a love of swimming day in day out and I know our passionate swimming teachers and aquatic staff play a big part in that.”

- Katy Yardley, LED Community Leisure Aquatic Lead


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