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5 reasons why you need a personal trainer

Posted on December 29th 2021 by

5 reasons why you need a personal trainer

5 reasons why you need a personal trainer

Many join the gym with great intentions and highly motivated that this will be the year they achieve their fitness goals. It didn't quite happen last year, but this year it will be different right? Right?

With the help of an LED Community Leisure personal trainer it could just be your year this time.

In this blog, Barnaby gives his top 5 tips why you need a personal trainer and how LED Community Leisure can get you started.  If you’d like to contact Barnaby for further information, please email him at

1. Exercise safely

Many join the gym full of motivation and are super keen to see results NOW! They skip the FREE gym induction and gym programme availabe across LED Community Leisure gyms and get straight into exercise by themselves.

Whilst we admire this enthusiasm and love to see members working hard to get results, we also have a responsibililty to ensure you exercise safely in our Leisure Centres too.

Exercising with incorrect technique could mean you're just not getting the most out of your workout and you may need simple advice from adjusting a seat height or correcting your posture. However, poor form could lead to a serious injury over time if not corrected. 

A personal trainer will help to ensure you perform exercise safely by observing your technique and correcting any mistakes. This could involve going 'back to the drawing board' and starting with bodyweight exercises or your trainer may even pass on 1 or 2 cues for you to remember every time you exercise.

Speak to a Health & Wellbeing coach next time you visit an LED Community Leisure gym to find out more about the FREE gym journey available to members.

2. Motivation

Once the 'new year, new me!' motivations dies away (usually around February 1st) it can be really difficult to get in the gym and have a great workout by yourself. 

There are many benefits to training with a workout buddy, but maybe you just don't fancy going with your partner, work colleague and you don't have any friends who train at the same time as you.

Investing in a personal trainer can prevent these dips in motivation occurring or help you through them on a tough day. You trainer will help you squeeze out one more rep (ok, probably another 3) when you feel like quitting.

If you're picturing drill sargeants or getting flashbacks to your school P.E. lessons then fear not, it isn't always like that. Good personal trainers will adapt to the person in front of them. If you respond better to calm and considered encouragement and a fist bump afterwards then our personal trainers can do this too!

Fill in the form on the link below to find your new motivator today!

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3. Accountability

Sometimes the hardest part of your workout is getting to the gym in the first place. It can be too easy to hit the snooze button and miss that pre-work workout and it is all too easy to convince yourself that your weekly food shop will definitely take up your whole evening and you just won't have time for the gym. 

Working with a personal trainer comes with accountability, meaning you are more likely to stick to your allocated workouts. Afterall, you have made a financial investment into these sessions!

The improved consistency that comes with fewer skipped workouts will lead to better results in time.

Speak to a personal trainer at your local LED Community Leisure gym (the ones in the blue tops!) to find a new sense of accountability today.

4. Expert skills & support

It's not always obvious exactly what you should do to achieve your goals. Many of the programmes available in Men's Health or on Instagram are good, but they may not be right for you.

Personal trainers come with a wealth of expert skills and support that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or develop all-round fitness levels our team can create the right programme for you. 

Investing in a personal trainer will open the door to a wealth of knowledge and experience that will give you a great advantage in your fitness journey. They will be there to help make sure every session in the gym is the best it can be and to support you on the days when things get a little tough too. 

Fill out the form in the link below to make an investment in your health and fitness today!

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5. Become the best version of you!

A personal trainer's job is to help you become the best version of yourself and reach your fitness goals. They understand the principles behind a successful programme and will identify the best method and exercises to help you hit new PB's.

Whether your goal is to walk to the shops without stopping or to run a marathon, our team of personal trainers will help you on your journey. 

Ask for a personal trainer next time you visit us to find out how you can get started. 

These are our top 5 reasons why you need a personal trainer and how LED can support you. If you would like further advice you can email me on


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