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Virtual Seated Workout Classes by Joe Wicks

Posted on November 24th 2021 by

Virtual Seated Workout Classes by Joe Wicks

Personal trainer Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is well known for his best-selling recipe books 'Lean in 15' and 'Joe's 30-minute meals' and has earned a whopping 4.2 million followers on Instagram alone.

Joe became the nation's favourite PE teacher throughout the pandemic by offering live streamed workouts every weekday morning for kids and parents to stay active at home whilst self-isolating. Joe is less well-known for his seated exercise classes available for seniors. 

Plenty of research shows regular exercise can help prevent disease, reduce the risk of falls whilst also improving mental health and well-being and cognitive function. Joe's 10 minute videos won't put too much stress on the joints and include low intensity exercises such as listing beans and gentle stretches. 

Joe Wicks Chair Workout for Seniors

This workout is specifically designed for the elderly. Joe will get your joints moving, heart pumping and feeling positive! All you need is a chair and a can of beans.

Joe Wicks 10 Minute Chair-Based Workout 

Joe wants you to get moving for just 10 minutes to help lift your mood, energy levels whilst loosening up your joints and getting the heart pumping. 

Find more online workout classes from Joe below.

The Body Coach TV

Joe Wicks Home Workouts for Seniors

7-Day Seniors Workout Challenge

Wexer on the LED Leisure app

If Joe's videos aren't for you, we recommend trying an online workout from Wexer now available on the LED Leisure app.
Simply press the '700+ Workouts' button on the LED Leisure app and browse to find a class that suits you to get started. We recommend checking out the classes in 'Family Friendly Workouts', 'Mobility' and 'De-stress yourself'.
Viewers can even cast their workout to a bigger screen such as a laptop with 'Magic Link' or a TV with cable.
For more information about the LED Leisure app and to download it today click the button below!

How LED Community Leisure can support

If online workouts aren't for you the fear not, LED Community Leisure is here to support you, or someone you know, who would prefer an in-person exercise option. We offer a variety of low intensity classes for those who would like a little extra support across all of our leisure centres and swimming pools. 

Health Referral

LED Leisure's Referral sessions are available to anyone who has been referred by their GP or Health Professional onto our programmes that enables people to benefit from supervised physical activity.

FORCE Cancer Referrals, PULSE GP Referrals, Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 & 4, Weight Management, Escape Pain, Strength & Balance and Walking for Health are all available to you through us here at LED Leisure.

Contact your local GP or health professional to get started today. 

Exmouth Wellness Hub

Our light and airy Wellness Hub at Exmouth Leisure Centre overlooks the stunning Exmouth Estuary and has a complete range of 14 comfortable Shapemaster Toning Tables - power assisted machines designed to help you reach your fitness goals regardless of your ability, fitness or age. 

The Wellness Hub is a great place for senior LED Leisure members, or those with muscular conditions or recovering from injuries to socialise and get fit in an inspiring atmosphere! 

Call Exmouth Leisure Centre on 01395 266381 to enquire about your 7 day FREE trial today! 

Walking Circuits

Walking Circuits classes are ideal for anyone with a lower level of fitness, or for people who are in need of rehab and for PULSE referrals who are not comfortable in a gym environment. 

Join us at Honiton Leisure Centre on Thursdays at 15:15, book via the LED Leisure app. 

Good Boost

If you prefer swimming, we recommend trying a 'Good Boost' session at Exmouth Leisure Centre on Wednesdays at 10:15am and Fridays at 14:00. Good Boost is a personalised exercise sessions designed to help those with joint pain move more freely and feel better.

Each session provides an affordable, fun and accessible therapeutic exercise programme with the help of our instructors.

We now allow regular Good Boost customers to hire tablets containing their programme during 'swim for all' or 'famil swim' sessions for £4.30 too.

Call Exmouth Leisure Centre on 01395 266381 for more information.

Walking Tennis

If tennis is your game, we recommend coming along to a 'Walking Tennis' session at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre on Thursdays at 2:30pm. 

Walking tennis is a low-impact, slower version of tennis played with softer balls and with up to two bounces allowed. Walking Tennis is suitable for anyone in the community, particularly those who aren’t as fast around the court as they used to be!
Call Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre on 01395 223355 for more information or book via the LED Leisure app. 
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