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Exmouth Wellness Hub

Posted on October 1st 2021 by

Exmouth Wellness Hub

Exmouth Wellness Hub

In this blog I want to share my experience of Exmouth Wellness Hub and how our friendly team, relaxing studio and specialist machines could help you.

All about Exmouth Wellness Hub

" Our Wellness Hub based at Exmouth Leisure Centre is a light and airy studio overlooking Exmouth estuary. It is aimed at senior members or those recovering from injury. Our Shapemaster machines are designed to tone your muscles, improve core strength and circulation. Work as hard as you want or let the machine do the work. No impact on the joints. Nice place to meet and chat to other members of the community."

The Exmouth Wellness Hub is in Exmouth, East Devon, and is sited on the east bank of the mouth of the River Exe. The Exmouth Wellness Hub is open Monday to Friday 8am-1pm.

To book, phone the centre on 01395 266381 or book via the LED Leisure app.

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My Initial thoughts

My name is Tom and I have been working with LED Community Leisure since June as a social media marketing. Furthermore, I am a gym instructor and work in Seaton Leisure centre. Since my time working at LED Community Leisure, I had visited most of their centres which I really enjoyed but was yet to visit Exmouth Leisure centre. I really enjoy my role in marketing and was excited to visit the wellness hub and experience it so I could write a blog about my time there.

Before visiting Exmouth Leisure Centre a few days ago, I had heard about the Wellness Hub (a.k.a the toning suite) has movement assisted machines. This seemed very intriguing to me and I was ready to give the whole experience a go.

From looking at LED Community Leisure’s website I found out that Exmouth Wellness Hub overlooks the Exmouth Estuary is a great place for people to socialise and help improve or maintain their current fitness levels. The name “wellness” suggested to me that it would be focused overall health, rather than pumping iron or working up a sweat.

Visiting Exmouth Wellness Hub

When I arrived at Exmouth Leisure Centre, I was shown to the waiting area for the wellness hub which is a very comfortable lounge area where you can relax before going upstairs to the Wellness Hub.

Everyone was very friendly in the waiting area and people were chatting about their days and asking each other how they were and what they had been doing. There was a very strong sense of community and people knew each other well, they were chatting about events in their lives and how they were excited for their session at the Wellness Hub.

From talking to people there I knew that is was a very relaxing environment and people consistently attended these sessions and made it a key part of their week.

I met Jed (Wellness Hub Assistant). Jed was very friendly, welcoming and would always be instructing the session and ensuring all participants remained safe. I’m certain that anyone coming to Exmouth Wellness Hub will feel very comfortable and that they are in safe hands.

My first thoughts were that the Wellness Hub looked very comfortable with a very nice carpet and the warm purple colours of the machines. Immediately I looked out of the large window to see a beautiful view of the estuary and greenery. In addition, I noticed the calm soothing music and other people using the machines looking very happy. You can unwind easily and feel at peace.

After trying each one of the machines, I was able to get a feel for how each machine was designed to help improve your fitness level. Some machines were focused on stretching and massaging which would be good for people with stiff joints and muscles and allowing full range of motion.

The machines did make me feel relaxed and the stretching machines were very good for getting knots out of your back and made you feel ready for the day.

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The Cruncher Machine #6

Jed told me that this machine is a fan favourite. This machine was like the tummy crunch however the machine was more upright, and your core muscles had to work harder. It is a great machine for building up core strength. 

Wellness hub effects on body and mind

Jed expressed to me that the wellness hub was trying to get people back into the centre after COVID-19 and get people socialising and exercising together again.

The wellness hub is an experience for feeling a sense of achievement and seeing the progression you have made and being happy about that. Jed really explained how people who have come into the wellness hub have progressed. Jed mentioned that people with mobility issues would come in and have poor range of motion on their shoulder. After being at the wellness hub and going on a few machines they were able to increase their range of movement and reduce pain.

My experience at the wellness hub was very positive and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The wellness hub has a great atmosphere and the machines are fantastic, making it a great way to relax and destress. The staff are very friendly and helpful, which adds to the great overall experience. The happiness of the other people, the view of the estuary and music are just a few of the reasons.

Accessibility to the centre is very good with plenty of space for parking and the centre is easy to navigate. There is also a lift which is wheelchair accessible and goes straight up to the wellness hub.

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t visited the Wellness Hub at Exmouth Leisure Centre before to come and try it for yourself. If you are not taking advantage of this wonderful facility you are missing out on a great experience.

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