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Jump rope: Your new favourite cardiovascular exercise

Posted on September 3rd 2021 by

Jump rope: Your new favourite cardiovascular exercise

Jumping rope, your new favourite way to exercise!

There are many different types of cardiovascular exercise that you can do to get fit and healthy. Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in popularity of jumping rope, (also known as skipping). Much of this is from social media and the prevalence of YouTube jump rope channels such as Jump Rope Dudes and Rush Athletics TV.

In this blog I will be exploring the world of jump rope and seeing what the excitement is all about. If you’re looking to revolutionise your workouts the then this blog is for you!

What is jumping rope all about?

Jumping rope is all about improving your health and fitness in an extremely fun and progressively challenging way. Jumping rope could burn more calories than your current form of cardiovascular exercise.

There is a large community out there to be involved with and plenty of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for jumping rope. Practice on your own or with a friend and get involved.

My personal experience

I started jump rope in school when I was around 11 years old during some P.E classes. I remember how fun it was and really enjoying the whole experience. Since that day I went to the teacher and asked them to take a rope home and practice. From then on, I was practicing jumping rope during lunch times at home. Most days I practiced for over an hour and loved seeing the progression in my fitness and technical skills.

Fast forward to today where I use jump rope as my main cardiovascular training and for warming up before resistance training. The feeling I get when using a jump rope far exceeds any other forms of cardiovascular exercise I have ever done. I get excited every time I pick up the rope. Jump rope is an amazing way for me to warm up all the different muscles in my body. It allows me to get the blood flowing around my body and oxygen to my muscles. In my workouts I mainly use the boxer step technique which is a great way to increase the time you’re jumping for at a time.

Tutorial Videos

Get started here:

After being comfortable with footwork I always like to practice different tricks and skills. My top 3 are side swings, double unders and heel toe steps.

Side swings:


Double unders: 

Heel toe step:


 These tricks are all fun to do and keep my mind working at the same time. In addition, jumping rope feels to me like it activates my mind and allows me to keep challenging myself. There is still plenty of progression to be made but there are hundreds of different moves and workouts you can do.  

Who is jumping rope for?

Jump rope really is accessible to many LED Community Leisure members, regardless of whether you’ve done jump rope in the past or if you are a complete beginner. In addition, jumping rope can be done by virtually all ages from 3-80+. This makes jump rope a great tool for anyone to use to improve their fitness. Armed with the information and videos in this blog you will be ready to start or continue your journey in the world of jump rope. It is normal at first to be slightly hesitant because of fear of tripping up on the rope. I encourage you to give it your best shot and remember it’s a learning process. Get learning, get out there and get results.

Why should you jump rope?

  • Improving Cardiovascular health
  • Burns up to 1000 calories per hour
  • Improving co-ordination
  • Increased agility
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Improving cognitive function
  • Trains athletic ability and explosiveness

These are just some of the many reasons that jumping rope is brilliant for your health and well-being. There are also many medical benefits such as improving your health and efficiency of your heart while increase bone density and muscle activation. Jump rope is a low impact form of cardio (unless you increase the intensity!) and can be used as an active recovery after your workouts too.

Where can you jump rope?

The beauty of a jump rope if that you have the freedom to take your workout anywhere. If you’re travelling or do not have access to a gym, then a jump rope can be just what you need. You will always be able to find a place that you can jump rope.

Of course, if you’re on holiday in East Devon or South Somerset you could easily gain access to all LED facilities by purchasing a £5 for 5 days pass too!

Matted flooring is one of the best surfaces to skip on because it can absorb most of the impact of the weight on your joints. I prefer to do my jump rope on this flooring because there is some bounce in the floor and keeps your joints healthy.

I have jumped on concrete in the past and it feels similar with slightly less bounce. However, after jumping rope on concrete for a long time you can run into some problems such as shin splints. These are not serious but may put you off continuing exercise. The hard surface can also wear down your rope quicker and make it less durable.

  • At your LED Community Leisure centre
  • On an exercise mat
  • Concrete
  • Flooring

How can you jump rope?

When starting out it is important to get the timing of your jumps down and keeping your feet low to the ground. You want to keep your feet around an inch or two from the ground.

Here is a great video by the jump rope dudes which I have watched many times to put it all into  practice: 

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact me on or alternatively speak to a health and wellbeing coach at your local leisure centre and ask for a FREE 30-minute session. 

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