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The Benefits of Tennis for seniors

Posted on August 6th 2021 by

The Benefits of Tennis for seniors

The Benefits of Tennis for Seniors

There are many different health benefits that playing tennis can provide senior members, all while having lots of fun!  

These health benefits include healthier heart and lungs, to increased core strength and core stability.

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Healthier heart & lungs

Tennis is great for improving the health of your heart and your lungs.

Down on our courts at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre you will be constantly working your whole body by moving around the court from baseline to the net. This will get all your joints moving and your heart rate pumping.

This will improve the strength and endurance of your heart and lungs. Improving heart and lung health is important for reducing the risk of Chronic diseases such as, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes & strokes.

Improving upper and lower body strength & core stability

During a game of tennis many muscles in both your upper and lower body work very hard, giving you a full-body workout. Using the racket will use your deltoids, biceps, triceps and forearm muscles while you hit the ball and reach in different directions.

Swinging a fearsome forehand or ballistic backhand requires great strength and stability in the core muscles too. Having strong oblique muscles will help produce more power and protect against injury.

There is also an added benefit of core strength for preventing falls by helping you improve your balance and co-ordination.

There are many situations in tennis that require power from your lower body. For example, as you are waiting for the ball in your power position, your legs will be pressed into the ground and ready to exert power in your chosen direction. Running to and from the net while doing forehands and backhands will engage your lower body and core when you bring your arm back to return the ball.

Improved mental health and decreasing stress

Tennis can have a huge positive impact on your mental health. Regular exercise has been shown to decrease stress levels, elevate and stabilise your mood whilst also improving your self-esteem. As well as increasing the flow of endorphins which will boost feelings of happiness and achievement.

Tennis activates your brain and keeps your mind engaged, which is excellent for your mental well-being. This is very important for senior members to stay engaged in positive activity and self-improvement.

Furthermore, socialising with other members and creating friendships will boost feelings of inclusion, allowing you to have a positive impact on each other. Interactions with people after COVID-19 interactions with likeminded, active people is extremely important for any members who have been shielding during the pandemic.

LED Community Leisure are proud to provide a strong sense of community to our tennis members at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre.

Playing tennis consistently will boost your mental health in so many ways and could be exactly what you need to keep you calm as restrictions start to lift.

Bookings and further information

At LED Community Leisure we offer amazing tennis facilities and activities at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre.

Walking Tennis

Walking tennis is a low impact, slower version of tennis played with softer balls and with up to two bounces allowed. Walking tennis is perfect for our senior members and is a great workout which will get your joints moving and blood moving around the body. Walking tennis runs on Thursdays at 2:30pm. 

Friday Club Morning

At 9:30-11:30am we have a Friday Club Morning, which is a relaxed social tennis morning, for all levels. There are 2 hours of rotating match play, come for an hour or come for 2, totally up to you. Come and enjoy this event at your own leisure and our fantastic coaches are here to help you.


Book via the LED Leisure app or call the Exmouth Tennis & Fitness centre on 01395223355.

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