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LED GP Referral scheme

Posted on August 5th 2021 by

LED GP Referral scheme

LED Community Leisure GP Referral Scheme

LED's Referral sessions are available to any reader who has been referred by their GP or Health Professional onto our programmes that enables people to benefit from supervised physical activity.

In this blog, Tom explains more about our GP referral schemes and who they are for. If you’d like to contact Tom for further information, please email him at

LED Community Leisure are proud to run a range of outstand GP referral schemes across our sites. These include:

PULSE GP Referral Scheme: Established since 1994 to enable people to benefit from supervised physical activity. The PULSE programme runs for 12 weeks, attending 2 sessions per week

Cancer referrals:


Cancer and its treatments can cause physical changes such as reduced energy levels and fatigue as well as low mood and anxiety. In the past, doctors would advise people to rest as much as possible during treatment but that has changed. Evidence now shows that simple physical activity can reduce many of the side effects of cancer treatment and the risk of recurrence in some cancer by up to 60 per cent.

Physical activity can help you make a positive change to your life. You may be a little nervous about building up your activity levels, particularly if you haven’t been active for awhile. You may feel too tired or just not know where to begin. However, being active carries fewer risks than being inactive

Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 & 4: A supervised program for people who have had heart conditions. Small groups of participants meet up and work on their personal programmes. The instructor is there at all times and for phase 3 there will be a cardiac nurse present. Depending on the phase you are attending you will be on Cardiac Rehab between 6-12 weeks.

Weight Management: Maintaining a healthy weight can bring a positive lifestyle; increases confidence, health and happiness.  Our weight management programme sees you teamed up with one of our qualified instructors. You will receive an individually tailored 12-week exercise programme which will include an initial and end assessment and regular contact with your instructor including nutritional advice.

Walking for Health: This is a scheme that has been introduced in East Devon to encourage people of all ages including those with health and mobility problems, and those recovering from illness, to walk for their health. These walks are free and led by qualified volunteer walk leaders,
who have undergone the National Walking for Health training These walks are a mixture of town and country walks and are aimed at those who are doing very little or no exercise at the moment, but who would like to become more active the walks are graded by time rather than distance

We work closely with NHS professionals, GPs and other local organisations to form a support network for residents in our borough. We can also connect you to other health improvement services and community / support groups.

After an initial health and fitness assessment your GP referral lead will create a tailored exercise plan for you.

LED GP referral schemes are run by qualified, specialist trainers who are here to help you. For more information please click here.

Who are GP referral sessions for?

LED's Referral sessions are available to any reader who has been referred by their GP or Health Professional onto our programmes that enables people to benefit from supervised physical activity.

Our GP referral sessions cater to members of all ages and backgrounds. From younger members who require a little extra support to improve mental well-being to senior members who suffer from osteoarthritis and everything in between. We are here to help you.

If you feel you could benefit from one of our GP referrals sessions, we recommend you speak to your local GP or other health professionals such as a physiotherapist and ask for a referral form.

Our specialist instructors will support you throughout your time and stay in regular contact with you.

LED Community Leisure will track your progress with your programme card so that we can monitor your progress and show you the hard work you have put in. Regular reviews will allow you to track   your progress and feel good about how far you have come.

LED community Leisure runs these specific sessions to help people within the local community improve their general physical and mental health as well as specific medical conditions.  Our goal is to support you and give you the tools to make changes to improve your own health. Furthermore, we want these sessions to inspire you to take positive action for your health and to show you the benefits of consistent exercise. 

Specialist Support

Our experienced GP referral leads are trained to help members of the community with specialist conditions too.

LED Community Leisure offers specialist support for:

  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Knee and Hip Pain

Illness rehabilitation, improving physical & mental health and reducing side effects from treatments are all reasons why LED Community Leisure GP Referral are so important for our local community and members.

We hope the above blog has helped explain more about our GP referral schemes and who they are for. If you would like further advice you can email me on 


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