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Top #3 benefits of group exercise

Posted on July 30th 2021 by

Top #3 benefits of group exercise

Top 3 benefits of group exercise

For many LED members group exercise classes provide an exciting and effective way to stay fit, healthy and have fun!

Here at LED Community Leisure, we offer a variety of classes suitable for all ages and abilities. These include mind & body classes such as yoga and Pilates, high intensity classes like Body Pump TM and studio cycling and even dance classes like Zumba!

In this blog I outline my top 3 benefits of group exercise for any LED member looking to start their journey into our studios.


Benefit #1 Making friends, being sociable and a boost in morale

By regularly attending group exercise classes you will meet new people with similar interests and goals.

Many of our members create new friendships which positively impact both their workout experience and social life too

create friendships that will positively impact your workout experience. Being in a class with like-minded people can be a great experience as you interact with each other and encourage one another. Being surrounded by others who are trying their hardest is very motivating and can give you the encouragement you need. This can create a strong morale for the group and boost the feelings of endorphins and happiness.

Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to push themselves harder when in a group exercise setting. In addition, group exercise can decrease feelings of loneliness as you interact and get to know your fellow class members and instructor. This is very important for your mental health and is a great step to keep your mind healthy.


Benefit #2 Fun and interesting workouts!

A second huge benefit of participating in group exercise is how fun the classes are to participate in. If you have ever been to the gym and have found using the machines and the weights not quite your thing then group exercise and swimming could be the answer. Our team of fantastic instructors will ensure that the workout will be very fun for everyone and is able to adapt it to your level of fitness. The team spirit and encouragement will make harder workouts feel better and you will help your fitness levels progress while having lots of fun.

Each time you attend a class, there will be a variety of exercises and movements that the instructor will take you through. This will keep your workouts fun and will give you new and exciting experience each time you attend an LED class at one of our amazing sites.

Benefit #3 Greater accountability and attendance

When working out on your own it can be very easy to be tempted to miss workouts and be less accountable. However, when participating in group exercise you may find you are more likely to attend as you have booked the class and don’t want to let down your class mates by missing out. You may not be feeling 100% but you may want to see your friends at the class and take the workout a little easier. This has the benefit of turning up to more classes and improving your fitness faster over the long term.

It clear from this blog the extensive benefits of group exercise and why it can be an amazing option for you. Finding a class at LED which you will enjoy is the next step in your fitness journey.

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