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Memberships Update

Posted on July 27th 2020 by

Memberships Update

Memberships Update

All members wishing to return to the centres according to the above re-opening schedule will need to OPT BACK IN to reactivate their membership. This can be done by emailing the LED Community Leisure Memberships team at the following email address:   

Include “Reactivate My Membership” as the subject title, and your full name in the body of the email.Please do not email unless you wish to opt back in and reactivate your membership.

We will then ‘unfreeze’ memberships for those who opt-back in and reactivate, so that these members are able to book pool-based activities from Wednesday 29th July via mobile app or website; and from 10am on Wednesday 20th July for telephone bookings by calling the appropriate centre during their opening hours (see above boxes for centre telephone numbers).

As with other memberships, we are asking Aqua members to reactivate rather than simply ‘un-suspending’ memberships, because we appreciate that there will be some who are in “at risk” groups still shielding, and others who may not feel ready to return to our leisure centres just yet.

For these members not ready to return, their membership remains suspended, no payments will be taken and no action is required.

All those Aqua members who very kindly supported us by pledging their support and continuing to pay their monthly membership during the COVID-19 crisis and period of closure are already active(having opted back in during the period of closure) and will be able to make bookings from Wednesday 29th July. If you are one of the supporting pledgers with a query about this, please contact the LED Community Leisure by email:

A further email will follow shortly after this initial re-opening phase to advise details regarding payment holiday options for those members who very kindly supported LED Community Leisure by continuing to pay monthly memberships through the facilities closure period. Their support has been very much appreciated and has helped LED come through this difficult period ready to reopen, whilst many other operators are having to keep their facilities closed.

For those Aqua Annual Memberships that expired during the period of closure caused by the Covid-19 crisis, your annual membership will be automatically extended by the corresponding period that you were unable to benefit from using your membership.

Any Adult Unlimited members who have already reactivated their membership will automatically be able to book any of the available pool activities. Under 16 Unlimited* members will remain suspended because we are unable to restart swimming lessons just yet. Similarly, Toning Memberships** remain frozen because the Wellness Hub at Exmouth Leisure Centre is not yet able to re-open.

*Any Under 16 Unlimited members who wish to use the gym with an adult, and are not regular pool users, do have the option to unsuspend and reactivate, or use on a ‘Pay on the Day’ basis

**Any Toning members who wish to use the swimming pool have the option to unsuspend and reactivate, or use the pool on a “Pay on the Day” basis.

If you have any other membership queries please contact the Membership Team by

We very much look forward to welcoming you back to the majority of our LED Community Leisure centres!

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