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Matt's Fitness Journey

Posted on July 7th 2020 by

Matt's Fitness Journey

Back in October, Head of IT Matt made the decision make a change and began his all new wellness journey. Throughout lockdown he stuck by his plan and he has made some incredible changes and has achieved such fantastic results!

Here's what he had to say - 

I realised in October last year that I needed to do something; my health wasn’t the best, clothes were becoming uncomfortable, I’d gone over the 200lb mark on the scales and having your children podge you with their fingers was the encouragement I needed. At 41 it was a daunting prospect.

I started by cutting out sweets and crisps completely. I have no self-control so it was easier to remove something from my diet, rather than try to moderate it. I also started watching my portion sizes for lunch and dinner. In mid-November the Tennis Centre challenged Head Office to a spin class and I signed up for it.  The class was run by Georgie and although I only managed to stand once,  I really enjoyed the music, motivation and how good I felt at the end of it. I made this a weekly commitment. Each week I found I could stand more often and for longer. Georgie’s calls for 1 more gear became more “bring it on” than “please no more”. By Christmas I’d managed to lose almost 2 stone.

In the new year I felt I could do more exercise, so I introduced early morning HiiT, Kettlebells and Cardio HiiT Tennis along with some virtual spin classes to supplement my usual Wednesday evening spin class. By the time Covid-19 closed the centres I had lost a total of 3.5 stone, but more importantly, I felt much fitter and noticed my overall shape was changing.

With my usual exercise options gone, I didn’t want to lose momentum and I found cycling helped maintain both fitness and weight loss. It also helped with my mental health having being furloughed. 9 months from the start I have now lost a total of 5 stone. I am the lightest I have been since my teens and definitely the fittest I have ever been. I can’t wait to get back to regular classes, I’ve missed the variety and social aspect.

Without the facilities and motivation from the LED centres and instructors, I would have found this journey almost impossible. It’s made weight loss so much less of a chore and something I can realistically stick to

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