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Escape Pain Course

Posted on March 16th 2020 by

Escape Pain Course

Do you have knee or hip pain?

ESCAPE-pain is a group education and tailored exercise programme for people with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis.

  • Information and simple ways to better manage knee and/or hip pain

  • A gentle, individualised exercise programme that matches your needs and pace

Come and join the 6 week course at Exmouth, Seaton, Ottery and Honiton only!

We have three courses running at each centre starting on the dates and times below:

Venue: Honiton Leisure Centre
Contact:  01404 42325

Course 1: 8th April 2020 to 15th May at 1.00pm for 6 weeks

Course 2: 3rd June to 10th July at 1.00pm for 6 weeks

Course 3: 21st October to 27th November at 1.00pm for 6 weeks                  

Venue: Seaton Fitness Centre
Contact:  01297 304000 

Course 1: 21st April to 29th May at 2.30pm for 6 weeks

Course 2: 14th July to 18th August at 2.30pm for 6 weeks

Course 3: 20th October to 24th November at 2:30pm for 6 weeks

Venue: Exmouth Leisure Centre
Contact:  01395 266381 

Monday 1.30pm & Wednesday 1.00pm

Course 1: 20th April to 29th May for 6 weeks

Course 2: 8th June to 15th July for 6 weeks

Course 3: 7th September to 7th October for 6 weeks

Venue: Ottery Leisure Centre
Contact:  01404 814317  

Monday 2.30pm & Wednesday 2.30pm

Course 1: 28th April to 2nd June for 6 weeks

Course 2: 6th July to 14th August for 6 weeks

Course 3: 14th September to 23rd October for 6 weeks

£36 for the 6-week course
Free to Unlimited Members




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