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Ladies Only Weightlifting at Westlands, Yeovil

Posted on March 22nd 2018 by

Ladies Only! An Introduction to Weightlifting at Westlands, Yeovil

Here at LED we meet a lot of women who do not feel confident enough to use weights as part of their training. One of the main reasons is that they believe that lifting weights will make them “look like a man”, which is of course not true, and can lead to missing out on the many benefits that weight training has to offer! 

Using weights as part of you activites does not only help contribute towards fat loss, but it also improves bone density and increases the strength of connective tissues, muscles and tendons. On top of that it can lead to an improved quality of life, higher self-esteem and body confidence!

Weightlifting is a very broad area of fitness and ranges all the way from simple kettlebell and dumbbell exercises, right through to Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Here at our Westlands Sport & Fitness Centre we have a class designed to help ladies understand that there are easy and effective weight exercises they can add into their gym routine and give them the confidence to do so

Running as both a six-week course and one off drop in sessions, the classes will cover the very basics of weightlifting and focusing on correct form.  We aim to assure any ladies interested in weightlifting that they’re starting off on the right foot, in a relaxed atmosphere filled with like minded people, to enable them to take what they learn and build on it as their confidence grows

Our fabulous instructor Steph who has set up this class said

As a result of this class I would love to see more women using weights in the gym. When I say this I don’t expect anybody who attends this class to be throwing their body weight above their head in six weeks time, but to be self assured that they can walk into the gym, pick up a dumbbell and know what they’re doing with it and how it’s going to benefit them.

I set up this class to help ladies add variety to their workouts and to get excited about coming to the gym knowing that they have a wider range of exercises to try! Too often people get tired of repetitive programs and lose interest in the gym altogether, this class is an opportunity for ladies to step outside of their comfort zone and explore a new area of fitness!

The Ladies Only Weightlifting classes are held at our Westlands Sport & Fitness Centres every Saturday from 8.00am to 8.45am every Saturday or 5.00pm to 5.45pm every Wednesday and its all included in your LED Unlimited Membership! 

Call the centre on 01935 314652 to book your place!

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