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It's all About Your Energy Systems

Posted on February 28th 2018 by

It's all About Your Energy Systems

Ever get those days where you feel sluggish with no energy that leads to a lack of motivation? Does this then affect your performance or worse, actually stop you from getting active? Let's try considering your body, not as a physical skeleton but as a robust machine, much like a car

We all know there are many myths and mis-conceptions about exercise and food and when we should eat certain foods and when we should not. In this blog I am going to break this down in a very simple way, because there is nothing more that we need to know about or energy systems, other than how they work and what they do for us

We have two Energy Systems; the Main - Carbohydrates and a Back Up - Fat

We get our energy from the food and drinks we put into our body, a bit like a car with petrol and diesel.  The main source of this energy comes from carbohydrates and when they run out our body then goes to our fat stores. Which sounds great, wahoo fat loss! But NO,NO,NO it doens't work like that! When we run out of fuel and our body turns to our fat stores, this energy is not only burnt through very quickly, it is also replaced very quickly, which means that we actually end up storing fat!

Whilst being used in this way, fat is also used to insulate our bodies.  Our bodies don’t like to be cold, so if we need to borrow some fat to keep our bodies running our clever little bodies will make more fat that will in turn get stored. It's so important to remember to keep our fuel topped up with the right stuff, a bit like we do with our cars

Filling our bodies with processed, non fresh fuels leaves us working, but not in the most efficient way. At the other extreme, starving our bodies creates fat storage as explained above which leads to lack of energy and bad moods

Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to keep on track of what you are putting in. You can get your very own food diary by clicking here, then just book in with one of our fitness team who will be more than happy to talk you through it! A list of all our centres along with their contact details can be found here

Better still, if you are an LED Unlimited Member - it's all included! Find out more about our membership options here!

So my advice to get the most of your body and get the best from your energy systems is simple; stay hydrated, put good food in your body and keep active!  Our fitness team are always on stand by if you have any more questions - or just leave me a comment below!

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