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You ARE What you Eat?!

Posted on February 9th 2018 by

You ARE What you Eat?!

We Are!

Someone once told me that if you fill your mind with positive thoughts, your whole outlook on life instantly becomes a more positive and happy one. At 27 years old I can confirm that this person was in fact right, thanks Mum! 

However, sometimes no matter how hard I try to be positive it’s well……hard!

Food and nutrition have been directly linked to helping people feel better. Phillip Day, a dietician from Food Matters explains that “we are what we eat” food has the ability to directly change our mood and the choices we make; this can have a detrimental effect on our life if we abuse our bodies with food.

Did you know that our bodies replace cells every 35 days, these cells are made up from the foods that we consume - eeek! really are what we eat - so ask yourself, what would you be made up from?! Does this explain your output to life?

LED gym instructors are now all nutritional advisors which is great news if you, like me, struggle at times but may not understand why. Our instructors are professionals in the health and fitness industry, they can put together bespoke exercise programmes and now, advise you on how you can eat that little bit better. Better still, it is included in your LED Unlimited Membership. All you need to do is book yourself into your local centre!

More importantly, good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence; with a mixture of an active lifestyle it can put together a well oiled human being.

We only have one body, look after it!

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