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Night Time Running Tips

Posted on February 7th 2018 by

Night Time Running Tips

Our Top Tips for Running in the Winter Months 

Hello! As we are now fully in winter with wet mild days interspersed with very cold but sunny days I know very well that when it is very cold and dark it can be tough to get outside for a run leave your warm house and a comfy sofa. As with anything the first step is the hardest or in this case the first mile, but I promise you that you will feel amazing when you come home and hit that warm shower!

Running in the cold and dark that is winter takes some getting used to, knowing what clothes to wear, how many layers to put on and seeing the streets under darkness can be hard to gauge, yet all this becomes easier after a couple of runs, I hope some of these tips should help you feel confident running in the winter months

Firstly, always wear something that is bright and preferably high visability as this will help cars and pedestrians to see you

Getting your clothing right is the next important thing, as you do not want to be too hot or too cold. It takes some trial and error but you will soon know how many layers to wear for the temperature. Invest in a good long sleeve base layer as you can easy layer this up with a t shirt or under a hooded top

I find that if my extremities are warm then my body is so tray and wear some thick socks, good gloves and a hat is a must!

I like to perform a dynamic warm up to get the blood pumping and this will also tell you if you have put too many layers on. Movements such as arm circles, high knee jogs and forward and backward lunges will warm up the muscles that you will use running

On your run keep a nice steady pace going to keep you warm. When it is really cold I would advise against doing hill repetitions or interval training as this will put extra strain on your body. With intervals you will start to cool down on the recovery segments. Also, try to be open minded, if you are warm why not extend your run or if you are getting cold then simply cut your run short and avoid potential injury

Plan your route in advance. If you can avoid too many stop and starts then this will keep you warm, so try run where there aren't too many pedestrian crossings or a level crossings to wait at 

When you get home do your stretches or foam rolling after your shower as you will be warmer and your muscles will respond better

Run with a friend or there are plenty of clubs that you can try out. Being with people will help make winter running more fun!

Hopefully these tips have given you the courage to go out a run in the winter evenings. With a little planning and the right clothes winter running gives you a boost that sometimes summer running does not, running in the winter will go a long way to make you a stronger, fitter and better runner in the summer. 

I could be strange when I say that I love coming back from run when I am chilly, having a shower and relaxing on the sofa with a hot chocolate. It feels pretty fabulous and I feel very pleased with myself!!

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