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Dusty and the Shades at Exmouth Pavilion

Posted on January 30th 2018 by

Dusty and the Shades at Exmouth Pavilion

Did you Know That Dusty ....? 

In preparation for our Dusty and the Shades of the Sixties show here at Exmouth Pavilion on Sunday 4 March we've got together these amazing fact about Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield was born Mary Catherine Isobel Bernadette O’Brien in London on April 16th 1939, to an Irish mother and a Scots-Irish father

As a child she had natural short red hair and thick glasses until aged 16 when she transformed into a glamorous and fully-made up blonde!

Dusty’s first stage name was ‘Shan’ when she joined the all-girl singing trio the Lana Sisters in 1958

Dusty’s father Gerard O’Brien was a talented pianist who loved classical music and blues

Dusty Springfield was born in the 1960’s – Her career really came into light when Dusty agreed to be a founding member of the hugely successful group, The Springfields with her brother. The Springfields were one of the biggest groups in Britain and Ireland, with hits including Silver Threads and Golden Needles

In November 1963, Dusty released her first solo record, I Only Want To Be With You.  this song was inspired by the success of the The Twist and Dancing in the Street, Dusty wanted her first single to be a song that people could dance to

Dusty loved Black American music and she was one of the key people to introduce Motown to Britain. She had performed with many Motown stars and hosted the Motown Revue on British television — and was kicked out of apartheid South Africa for being the first white artist to refuse to play to segregated audiences

In 1970 Dusty used a magazine interview to reveal that she was bisexual — or as she put it – as likely to be swayed by a girl as a boy

Dusty began a long struggle with alcoholism, self-harm and bipolar disorder. Her move to California in the early 1970s only exacerbated the problem and her career soon stalled, leaving her short of money and without her familiar support network that had been the mainstay of her life in London. By the early 1980s Dusty was practically penniless and spent frequent spells in mental hospitals

Dusty’s comeback with the Pet Shop Boys in the late 1980s nearly didn’t happen as, by then, she was reluctant to perform, however her recordings with the group propelled her back to the top of the charts!

What an incredible lady!  So why not book yourself a ticket now and make sure you get to see this amazing tribute act this Sunday 4 March

Click the link to book your tickets now!

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