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How to Motivate Yourself

Posted on January 11th 2018 by

How to Motivate Yourself

Olivia's Top Tips on How to Get Going on the Winter Nights!

Hello! I'm Olivia, and I am a Sports Therapist based in East Devon with a particular passion for running!  In this blog I am going to give you a few ideas on how to get yourself out on your run when all you want to do is snuggle down for the night!

Whether you are a new runner or seasoned runner you can lack motivation sometimes. But it can be hard to motivate yourself to get outside for a run or even to get to the gym. January is a yucky month, with long, dark evenings and short days that are dull, with little sunlight and this all makes it so hard to exercise. The joy and excitement of Christmas has gone and probably the tins of chocolates have too! Most people would rather stay inside in the warm, watching television and eating. However here's a thought  .. we can do those things after we have been for our run!

So here are a few ideas to help get you out and about in the winter!

Find Yourself a Running Buddy

Guranteed that if you have a friend to run with it will be much more fun and it's really hard to say 'ahhhh no I don’t fancy a run today’ to them!  Make sure you set a specific day and a precise time to meet and a rough amount of time you both want to be out for and off you go!

Enter a Race

If you have something to train for than this will certainly help you get out for a run, there are 100’s of races out there to choose frrom. One of the best places to start would be your local running club who will have a race calendar or Runners World has a great list of races across the country

Go Shopping!

You must be warm on your run so if you do not have warm clothing then go shopping. I always find that if I have something new to wear I will go out whatever the weather! You need a good base layer, warm hat, gloves and socks. A buff around your neck is also a good idea as it helps to keep your chest warm and when it’s really cold you can use it to cover your nose and mouth. There is always a deal to be had, so shop around or go online to find some great deals!

Get on the Treadmill!

Treadmills can work to your advantage in 2 ways. First they are good tool to use when you don’t wish to run outside, perhaps its pouring down or super windy. Treadmills can also be great for measuring a run, maybe your ensurance speed, sprint speed or maybe even a really structured interval training run. (Plus you might find that the treadmill is boring and you won’t have any trouble getting out for your next run!)

Change it Up!

A change is as good as a rest, so run somewhere brand new. Planning new routes and running in new places will stop the boredom you get when running the same streets week in, week out. Map my Run is a brilliant tool.  Not only can you use this to map new runs but you will also know the distance and approximate time, there are also other suggested runs in your area that may give you fresh inspiration!

Treat yourself!

This is the easiest way to motivate you to get out when it is cold. Go for your run before you meet your friend for coffee. Have something waiting for you at home, so you can think about this whilst you are running such as cake or a hot chocolate. Or why not motivate yourself by putting a £1 in a jar every time you run. The more they run, the more money goes in and the quicker you can buy new trainers or use the money on another treat such as a meal out - what a geat idea!


Always bear in mind its okay if you do lack motivation sometimes, we all do. If you do miss a run or two in the winter months do not worry about it, just go the next day

Hopefully these tips will help you to keep running and exercising and you will discover other ways to motivate yourself. If you do have any other tips then post them below!

If you would like to know more about the services and support I can offer you and your running then why not check out my wesbite here or take a look at my facebook page here!


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