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Archive for December, 2017

Exciting News for 2018 for Honiton

Posted by on December 20th 2017 in

Investing in the Latest Technology in Honiton! We are very excited that in 2018 we will be upgrading our Studio Cycling Bikes, the current bikes will be replaced by the latest Kieser M3i bikes at our Honiton Leisure Centre! The Keiser M3i is the industry’s only indoor group cycling bike built entirely around YOU – that’s YOU the rider, YOU the gym owner and YOU the s...

Parkrun Comes to Exmouth!

Posted by on December 4th 2017 in

Parkrun Comes to Exmouth!
Parkrun in Exmouth starts on Saturday 23 December! What a great way to blast away the cobwebs just before the Christmas festivities get underway! Parkrun is a fabulous free, weekly, 5km timed run that is held every single week all around the world. Every single run is open to anyone and everyone, it is free, safe and easy to take part in - although you will need to...