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Class of the Month - Studio Cycling

Posted on September 18th 2017 by

Class of the Month  - Studio Cycling

We LOVE Studio Cycling!

You have probably heard lots of stories about studio cycling and may be a little cautious to come along a try a class for yourself. Well ignore all of those rumours, studio cycling is a fun way to get fit and all you need to bring is a towel and water, we will supply the fun, motivating music and the bikes!

Things to remember when you come along:

Wear something comfortable. No need to wear the ‘Tour de France’ cycling gear, just some comfy leggings or shorts and a loose fitting t-shit… will sweat so make sure it’s a nice cool top!

Normal trainers are fine.  There will be people with their cycling shoes with special cleats for the pedals, whilst we can accommodate these shoes, all you really need are a pair of trainers.

You will sweat!!  Oh boy will you sweat, but sweating is a good thing.  It’s your body’s way of cooling down, so just make sure you bring along a towel and a bottle of water to rehydrate all the water you loose sweating.

Let the instructor know you are new.  Although they should ask, make sure the instructor is aware you are new to studio cycling.  It’s important that they help you set up your bike correctly.  If it’s not set up properly, you won’t be comfortable and might injure yourself.

Don’t be late.   The first part of the class is the warm up and is vital to get your blood pumping and muscles warmed up.  If you miss this, you might cause yourself an injury.

Go at your own pace.  Don’t be tempted to keep up with the person next to you.  They may be a regular.  Try to follow the instructor, but if you’re tired and need to sit down, then just sit down.  The instructor is there to motivate but not push you beyond your capabilities.

Have fun!  This is the most important tip.  Enjoy the music, zone out and just let your hair down.  You’ll soon be an addict!

So why not click HERE,  find your local centre and book your place NOW!

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