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My Top 5 Tips For You To Find The Best Seats At Exmouth Pavilion

Posted on April 15th 2016 by

My Top 5 Tips For You To Find The Best Seats At Exmouth Pavilion

Top 5 Tips To Getting The Best Seat In The House

By Zan Whale - Duty Manager.

Check Our Website

Our advice is to make sure you know about our upcoming shows before anyone else!

We regularly update our website. It’s packed full with editorial, pictures, videos and blogs of all our shows.

We have state of the art seating plans for each event which will show you what’s available and where.

So if your preference is at the front choose near the stage or if you prefer to be close to the bar so you can beat the interval queues, you can choose the seats near the aisle.


Mailing List And Emails

We send out our events brochure every 4 months to keep you posted with the shows we have coming up in that season, join our mailing list and you’re sure to be the most up to date about the Exmouth Pavilion, beating those queues and ensuring you your tickets well in advance.

We also send out weekly emails to those that opt-in, these will sometimes include exclusive promo codes and special offers that no-one else will know about.

Get ticket release information as it happens.

You can join up to these online, give us a call or pop in to see us at the reception.


Early Bird Offers

More and more of our shows are offering a special price for those that like to be organised and book early.

You could be one of these people!

Take advantage of these discounts and knock some money off those ticket prices.

Do you know the best part of the early bird offers? Well I’ll tell you!

Because you’re now being organised and booking earlier than the rest of the crowd, you should have lots of choice in seats to make sure you get your favourite; whether that’s on the front row, half way back in Row N (with the extra leg room) or up on the raised seating, the choice is yours.

Early bird offers usually have a limited time period, so look out for our NEW ON SALE announcements (they’re everywhere, emails, Facebook and Twitter) and check for the Early Bird offer as soon as those tickets go on sale.


Raised Seating

If, like me, you’re vertically challenged, then this one is for you!

You’ve got tickets for an evening performance, you get there early, take your seats, hang your coat on the back , get nice and comfy, have a little look around, “ooh the stage looks good”…. And then a 7ft something giant plonks themselves right in the seat in front of you?

Well never let that ruin your evening again.

Our new raised seating has transformed the normal theatre style experience in to something much more enjoyable.

We are so pleased with it and we show it off as much as we can, almost every theatre style performance we have, uses the raised seating now which is great for us and for you.

There are 142 seats up there and as they are so popular they get booked up pretty fast. For an extra £2 per ticket you can enjoy a view over the heads of everyone else with an uninterrupted view of every performance.


Special Requirements

This tip is especially useful for our customers who use a wheelchair or for those with any special assistance requirements.

To help us ensure you get the best seat for you, please call or pop in to see us before you book your tickets please so that we can best accommodate you.

If you book your ticket online and use a wheelchair, we can't guarantee there'll be a space for you when you get here and no-one wants that to happen.  It's always best to talk to us first, because we have great spaces allocated to wheelchair users, with great views, extra room, to give you the comfort and maneuverability you need.

Got a dodgy hip or a knee that started playing up? Ask us about Row N (a well kept secret in Exmouth) this row has ample leg room for you to stretch out and relax! 

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