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Archive for February, 2016

10 Reasons To Visit The Pavilion Cafe

Posted by on February 12th 2016 in Exmouth Pavilion

Guest Blog By Romy Phelps. I can think of hundreds of reasons to visit our fantastic Café Bar, ‘Posh at the Seaside,’ but for now, here is my Top 10: 1. The first one is easy, because it happens to be my personal favourite. Cheese Scones and Bacon! Baked freshly each day by Mike, our lovely chef, our scones are arguably the largest in Exmouth! Served with delicious sizzlin...

10 Quotes By Famous People We Love

Posted by on February 11th 2016 in

We've been talking a lot in the office lately about who we'd like to see perform at Exmouth Pavilion and we all have our own favourites - mine for example is Boy George, as much for his witty and sometimes cutting retorts, as his fantastic singing voice.  I was watching The Voice recently and one of the quotes he made me me really chuckle (I'll let you know what it was in just a m...