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Look Who's Talking Ta....Music Hall Tavern's Mrs T!

Posted on January 29th 2016 by

Look Who’s Talking…


This month it’s Music Hall Tavern’s Mrs T

Where did the inspiration for your character come from?

The Mrs T Character was inspired originally from Mrs Slocombe in are you being served” and from a Manchester Drag queen called Roxie Hart.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

I love the parody we do to Morrison’s supermarket because so many of our fans relate to it.

With so many costume changes, which one’s your favourite?

In a normal show collectively there can be up to 25 costume changes.  Feathers are always are favourite. 

Who takes the longest to get ready in the dressing rooms?

The first one in ha ha!!

Tell us about your funniest audience member.

The funniest audience member we have ever had was the one who took off his false leg and started waving it in the air when all the rest of the crowd were waving their hands in the air.  The funniest and most unbelievable thing i have ever seen.  The second funniest was the lady who laughed that much her teeth fell out and she didn’t even notice until the following morning.  We had to save them for her in a brown envelope, however they were at this point on a different island to her ha ha!

What do you get up to when you’re not on stage?

We like to relax in a dressing room and check our Facebook pages for our audience feedback 

We want some juicy tour gossip, hand it over!

One of the drag queens is free and single, which one is it?

Which celebrity would you love to give a Drag Queen makeover to?

Scary Mary out of Coronation Street or Brendan from Coach Trip ha ha!

We look forward to seeing you lovely lot at our up-coming show at Exmouth Pavilion

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