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Powerhoop at Wincanton Sports Centre

Twirl it. Power. Movement


45 minutes

Great for anyone who wants some fun in their workout!

Innovative and fun way to work your whole body

Great cardio and muscular workout

Tone and strengthen your core and lower back

Shake your stuff with a weighted hula hoop

Move to the beats of some awesome tunes

Use the Powerhoop in ways you’ve never thought of!

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Pack a towel in case you sweat 

Wear loose comfortable clothing and trainers

Key Information


LED's Powerhoop® class at Wincanton Sports Centre uses hoops that have a large diameter so they are super easy to use.  The weight and the wavy inner surfaces work hard to whittle away your waist and strengthen the muscles in your core and lower  back

This surprisingly versatile piece of equipment has been given a modern day twist where the array of exercises provide you with an incredible all over body workout

In addition to toning the muscles in your lower and upper body, Powerhoop® gives you a balanced and symmetrical workout that hits some of those harder to reach core muscles which can help in maintaining spinal stability, posture and alignment

At LED we are fortunate enough to have one of the 500 fitness professionals that have been certified as Powerhoop® instructors in the UK, joining the hundreds more in other countries in Europe.  Our specialist  instructors are trained to teach exciting, effective classes that get you the results you want – fast! 

Customer stories

I get a great workout, the class goes so quickly and is so much fun I always look forward to going!