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Aqua Fit 50 Plus at Wincanton Sports Centre

Cardio. Condition. Strengthen


45 minutes

Great for anyone aged over 50 – yes even non swimmers!

Strengthen your heart and your lungs

Tone and condition

Improve endurance and stamina

Come and get in the pool

Move and gently splash to music

Burn those calories

Wear comfortable and secure swimwear

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Pack a towel for drying off after



Key Information


LED's AquaFit 50 Plus class at Wincanton Sports Centre is gentle on your joints and great for toning up.  AquaFit 50 Plus is a cardio and conditioning, pool-based workout that gets your muscles working against the resistance of the water; elevating the heart rate and burning those calories!  

Our  AquaFit 50 Plus classes offer you something different to a traditional gym workout and you’ll really see a difference in your overall health and fitness

A fun non-impact workout suitable for all fitness levels, a bit like aerobics but uses water for resistance to tone and strengthen the muscles ideal for anyone with weak joints and suitable for non swimmers

Not only is exercising in water good fun, it’s also amazingly good for you and comes with benefits it's land-based equivalents can't offer

Classes will involve all the exercises you would expect in a dry class but with added bonuses you can only get from exercising in water.  The support of the water puts considerably less stress on your joints and muscles, this support is great if you’re older, have suffered an injury or are recovering from illness

Working out in water can also prevent overheating, helping you exercise for longer and as water is 800 times denser than air so you will get a better work out with a smaller risk of injury than if you were exercising on land

So why not come on down and try a class for yourself!

Customer stories

Such a great workout and I feel much more comfortable around people my own age.  I always feel refreshed and invigorated at the end of each class!