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Functional Fit at Westlands Sport & Fitness Centre

Movement. Strength. Flexibility


45 minutes

Brilliant for all levels of fitness – especially those that want something a bit different

Use an awesome mix of functional training equipment

Work in small groups, in pairs or on your own – we like to mix it up

Workout whilst moving the way nature intended

Pack a towel in case you sweat

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and trainers

Key Information


LED’s Functional Fit here at Westlands Sport & Fitness Centre is a challenging but fun class concentrating on control and technique using a fun mixture of equipment and body weight to condition your whole body

Functional Fitness does precisely what it says – echoing everyday movements like pushing, pulling, bending, twisting – exercises are designed to get you moving how you should whilst developing and testing your fitness from every angle

We take the main principles of movement and put them into a workout that will not only put you through your paces but challenge your muscles to move you in the way nature intended 

Our fun and funky functional kit makes you move in ways that your head may not be used to, in a conditioning environment, so you get to flex and stretch your mind as well as your body

Our Functional Fitness class is for anyone and everyone who wants to be fitter, move better and be stronger – it’s a great boost to your training that gives all-out results whilst making normal actions easier to carry out 

Customer stories

I used to love circuit training but wanted to try something a little different, the equipment that we use is so much fun and really tests your mind and your fitness – a great workout for both brain and body!