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Table Tennis

Ping. Pong. Fun


Playing table tennis is a great way to stimulate the brain and promote quick thinking while improving hand-eye coordination

Table tennis is a very popular recreational and competitive team game played by either individuals (1 v 1) or pairs (2 v 2). The game requires a purpose built table (court) and net, with players aiming to hit the ball continuously over the net and into their opponent's side of the table to force their opponent(s) to either not return the ball back over the net or to land the ball off the table (out of bounds). It is widely acknowledged that table tennis is the most popular racket sport and the game can be so fast that a ball can travel as fast as 100 mph. - BBC

Table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age and physical ability. Playing table tennis increases one's agility and flexibility, and most of all their reaction time. We recommend that you contact your local centre to book. Equipment hire is available.

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