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Swim Timetables

Grab your goggles and let’s go.

Just select your location below and we’ll show you what the timetable is looking like.

Key Information

Swimming: we love it. Not only does it tone your muscles and hone your cardiovascular system, it’s a great form of escapism too. (Goodbye stress.)

We know you want to get your lengths in – and there’s plenty of room to do that at all of our pools. But we also offer a programme of activities and classes too.

Whether you’ve been swimming for fifty years or you’re a first-timer, we have something to develop your technique and build your confidence in the water. And if you have kids? Well we have plenty of opportunities for them too – whether it’s an age-specific class or chances for you to swim together. See you in there?


Customer stories

I never learnt to swim as a child, and finally plucked up the courage as an adult to visit my local swimming pool. Immediately help was on hand as I was booked onto an adult beginner class. There was me thinking that I was the only adult in this situation. My instructor made life very easy from the start, taking one small step at a time. Two years later & I am now confident in my ability to swim, have an LED AQUA Membership & swim at least three times every week. I never thought in a million years that I would now class swimming as my favourite hobby!