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Thai Yoga at Sidmouth Leisure Centre

Strength. Flexibility. Calm


70 minutes

Perfect for everyone and anyone but especially those who want strengthen and stretch and find a little bit of calm during their day

Work your heart and lungs and improve your circulation 

Strengthen and stretch your muscles

Help to keep your joints healthy         

Perform a series of yoga postures in a calm and relaxed environment

Do both standing and floor based exercises 

Breath deeply and fill yourself with a little bit of inner calm

Pack a towel in case you sweat

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and bare feet

Key Information


Thai Yoga at LED's Sidmouth Fitness Centre combines the ancient practice of yoga with a focus on breathing and flow

This gentle form of yoga opens up the energy lines whilst stretching the areas around the spine and neck. As the sequence remains  the same each class, the body becomes more flexible allowing you to get deeper into positions over time

Strengthening and stretching your body and soothing your mind the postures will always start simple, but the repeated sequence will always be progressive and challenging - the emphasis is on helping you to become focused, stronger  and  more relaxed whilst providing you with a cardio element to help improve your circulation and work your heart & lungs

Yoga can help you sleep better, feel more energised and help you move more easily, the low impact postures and combination of heart raising movements in our  Thai Yoga classes will also help to keep your joints healthy 

Whatever your age or fitness you will improve your strength, flexibility and balance while discovering an inner Zen through breathing and mindfulness - Yoga is much more than a workout, it’s a way of being

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Customer stories

I was always sceptical about yoga thinking that I wouldn’t be bendy enough but after my first class I realised there was so much more to it! I’m encouraged to explore postures and whilst the classes can be intense the work goes deep and stays with me long after I’ve gone home