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Pure Stretch at Sidmouth Leisure Centre

Mobility. Flexibility. Core Strength


45 minutes

Perfect for everyone and anyone who needs to loosen up a little

Improve your flexibility 

Strengthen your core

Help prevent injury

Perform floor based and standing stretches

Stretch it out to some soothing music

Work your core muscles

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some loose and comfortable clothing

Bring a towel in case you sweat it out 

Key Information


LED's Pure Stretch exercise class at Sidmouth Leisure Centre is a gentle but challenging class suitable for anyone that wants to breath and stretch it all out

The exercises will work towards improving your overall flexibility helping you cope better with the movements of everyday life.  With some extra focus on core exercises that will improve your posture and can help with any back pain related to an under-ultilise core 

Stretching and flexibility will not only help improve your mobility it will also help with any injury prevention, so with a class every week - why not come along and treat your body to the all over stretch you both deserve!

Day Time Duration Spaces Action
Thursday 20:00 45 mins 0 Full
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