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Health Referral at Seaton Fitness Centre

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Referral programmes to help you achieve an active life

Key Information


We offer a range of referral programmes here at LED in Seaton

Please download the Referral/Booking Form and complete before any booking can be accepted.  If you have any questions regarding any of our programmes please feel free to contact a member of the team.

FORCE Cancer Referrals

Keeping active during and after treatment

Cancer and its treatments can cause physical changes such as reduced energy levels and
fatigue as well as low mood and anxiety. In the past, doctors would advise people to rest as much as possible during treatment but that has changed. Evidence now shows that simple physical activity can reduce many of the side effects of cancer treatment and also the risk of recurrence in some cancer by up to 60 per cent

Why be more active? Being active during and after treatment can help reduce tiredness and fatigue, Reduce stress and anxiety, Improve your mood and alleviate depression, help look after your heart and bones, help keep your weight healthy and improve your sleep pattern​

Being Safe Physical activity can help you make a positive change to your life. You may be a little
nervous about building up your activity levels, particularly if you haven’t been active for a
while. You may feel too tired or just not know where to begin. However, being active carries
fewer risks than being inactive

How FORCE can help  FORCE is now able to offer an individual assessment with an experienced Oncology Physiotherapist. You will receive advice and practical help and be signposted to appropriate exercise programmes, other healthcare professionals or community
services. Everyone is seen individually so even if you are not particularly mobile or have
concerns about other medical conditions, you can still exercise safely

How to make an appointment?  If you are interested in either individual advice or an exercise programme, please contact Louise, FORCE Oncology Physiotherapist on 01392 403094

The PULSE scheme has been established since 1994 and enables people to benefit from supervised physical activity

PULSE GP Referral Scheme

Established since 1994 to enable people to benefit from supervised physical activity

What are the benefits of PULSE? Physical activity has many beneficial factors, including lower blood pressure, improved joint mobility, relieve back pain, alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, reduce obesity, help prevent coronary heart disease and strokes

Whilst there are always staff available to help and advise you, your goal is to become independent and make physical activity a lifestyle choice

How long do I stay on PULSE? The PULSE programme runs for 12 weeks, attending 2 sessions per week

How much does is cost? There is a charge for your initial assessment, which also covers your reassessment. The PULSE sessions are offered at discounted rates. Please contact us for further information on price

How do I book my first appointment? You can download your referral form by clicking the link below then simply complete and bring it along to us here at the centre. The fitness instructor will arrange a suitable time for your appointment. A letter will be sent confirming your appointment with the relevant paperwork

Simply contact your local health professional or GP to be referred onto this scheme

Escape Pain

Sometimes called the ‘knee or hip class’, ESCAPE-pain is a rehabilitation programme designed to reduce pain and disability for people who:

  • Are over 45 years of age
  • Have knee and/or hip pain for at least 3 month

Information, advice and support from a Physiotherapist or exercise professional to help better manage chronic joint pain and lead a more active life

  • · A group exercise programm tailored to individual needs
  • · A chance to socialise with and learn from other people living with arthritis

Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 & 4

A supervised program for people who have had heart conditions 

​The Sessions Small groups of participants meet up and work on their personal programmes. The instructor is there at all times and for phase 3 there will be a cardiac nurse present. Depending on the phase you are attending you will be on Cardiac Rehab between 6-12 weeks.

At your initial assessment This will consist of an 1 hour appointment where we measure height, weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate and lung function. There is also a treadmill based fitness test.

How do I book my first appointment? To attend Cardiac Rehab you will need to be referred by a Doctor or Health Professional. You can take your referral form to your nearest LED centre and the fitness instructor will arrange a suitable time for your appointment.  A letter will be sent confirming your appointment with the relevant paperwork

How to prepare for your first appointment Try to get a good nights sleep the night before, avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment, avoid eating a heavy meal less than 3 hours before your appointment, avoid drinking caffeine less than 2 hours before such as tea, coffee, chocolate, cola, wear loose and comfortable clothing, bring your GTN spray and BHF rehab folder


Health Referral - Weight Management

Helping you bring postive changes to your weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can bring a positive lifestyle; increases confidence, health and happiness.  Our weight management programme sees you teamed up with one of our qualified
instructors. You will receive an individually tailored 12 week exercise programme which will include an initial and end assessment and regular contact with your instructor including nutritional advice. 

You will also be able to access our facilities at any time, including exercise classes and swimming.  This will include all of your one to one contact points with your instructor as well as nutritional advice and full use of the facilities


Walking for Health

Free walks led by a qualified leader

This is a scheme that has been introduced in East Devon to encourage people of all ages including those with health and mobility problems, and those recovering from illness, to walk for their health. These walks are free and led by qualified volunteer walk leaders, who have undergone the National Walking for Health training

These walks are a mixture of town and country walks and are aimed at those who are doing very little or no exercise at the moment, but who would like to become more active The walks are graded by time rather than distance.