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PiYo at Honiton Leisure Centre

Pilates. Yoga. Movement


60 minutes

Perfect for anyone who wants to a faster pace to Pilates and Yoga 

Stretch your whole body

Tone and conditions

Bring your body and mind into a state of harmony

Bend, stretch and strengthen

Move to gentle inspiring music


Bring some water to keep hydrated

Wear loose comfortable clothing and bare feet

Pack a towel in case you sweat

Key Information


Unlike typical  Pilates and yoga classes where poses are held – LED's PiYo® classes at Honiton Leisure Centre speed everything up!

Introducing dynamic flowing sequences that burn through serious amounts of calories whilst lengthening and toning your muscles to increase your flexibility you'll won't be able to help but LOVE this potent exercise class!

You'll quickly see results as you work hard in this class and any aches and pains that usually come along with high impact workouts are minimised.  Whatever your age, whatever your body type PiYo® can give you dramatically noticeable results  

Using postures such as warrior one and downward dog – our low-impact PiYo® classes offer a total body workout that engages all the main muscles in the body -  but don’t worry - our amazing instructors will always offer you a  modified version of some of the trickier exercises 

The vibrant and graceful exercises are linked together in a totally new way that adds more cardio and fun to every PiYo® class.   You’ll be sure to increase your heart rate, and sweat as you burn calories and move to the rhythmic upbeat music that keeps you focused and in the zone through the whole workout

Customer stories

I love this workout! Such a great combination of yoga and pilates without stopping still - I’ve toned up and become more flexible even through just one session a week