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Learn to Swim at Honiton Leisure Centre

Essential. Experienced. Swim England Approved


We offer a comprehensive range of swimming lessons and sessions for all abilities and age groups

Unfortunately,  our swimming pool and all pool based activities are not currently available. 

Coronavirus Update

Key Information


Our Swim school team aim to offer a friendly and supportive environment with quality teaching and coaching, enabling everyone to achieve their potential through learning to swim

Swimming lessons run for a steady 50 weeks to ensure continuous improvement throughout the year.  Lessons range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and are for children from 6 months all the way through to adults

We currently follow the Swim England National Teaching plan, which comprises of: 

  • Skill Development
  • Stroke Development
  • Understanding, awareness and fun

Swim school members are given the opportunity to pursue their goals in the sport of swimming to whatever level they aspire and are capable of achieving. Swimmers are supported and valued whatever their level from novice to national

Beyond mastering skills and achieving physical fitness, our swimmers will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment and an understanding that success results from hard work and goal setting


Swim School Stages 

Following the Swim England guidelines, LED's Swim School works to the following stages

Group Age Range What You Will Learn
Nursery 6 to 18 months An introduction to water, accompanied by parent or guardian, helping you to develop your child’s confidence and the basic skills necessary for learning to swim
Ducklings 18 months to 3 years An introduction to water, accompanied by parent or guardian, helping you to develop your child’s confidence and the basic skills necessary for learning to swim
Tiddlers 3 years to school age Emphasising movement through the water, developing independence and water confidence with the parent or guardian
Pre-School 3 years to school age teachers assessment Encourages further water confidence and independence without the parent or guardian in the water
Stage 1 4 years plus and started school Encouraging water confidence, moving independently, floating and submerging with the teacher in water
Stage 2 4 years plus and started school Encourages further water confidence, movement through the water both with and without the use of floatation aids as well as introducing aquatic breathing
Stage 3 4 years plus and started school Developing movement on both the front and the back for a distance of 10 meters. Also introducing children to the water safety code
Stage 4 4 years plus and started school This group has a strong emphasis on buoyancy and floating in the water. It requires kicking over 10 metres for front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly
Stage 5 4 years plus and started school This group is to improve and develop deep-water work as well as demonstrating the action for getting help and treading water whilst out of depth.  It also covers all four swimming strokes
Stage 6 4 years plus and started school Continued development in all four strokes with more emphasis on technique. Also teaches children to swim with clothes on and how to perform a shout and signal rescue
Stage 7 4 years plus and started school Water skills and correct stroke technique on all strokes over a distance of 50 meters. Also incorporating a sequence of skills including sculling, floating, rotations and treading water.  After Stage 7 of the Swim England NPTS you can choose to continue  on the teaching plan to either Competitive Swimming or  Rookie Lifeguarding stages 8,9 & 10
Stage 8, 9 and 10  4 years plus and started school and completed Stage 7 Further development in water skills and stamina in all four strokes. Participants will learn the correct turns for all the strokes as well as learning to use the pace clock.  Stage 8 includes swimming distances of up to 400m, leading up to Stage 10 where participants will be striving to achieve continuous swimming of up to 1600m.  Competitive Swimming also includes refining starts, medley’s and relay swimming
Mini Polo 4 years plus and started school and completed Stage 7 Mini Polo teaches the basics of the game of water polo to young players. Mini Polo will build overall motor skills, increasing speed, power and endurance through fun and games. It is also an introduction to simple rules and the ethics of sport
Lifesaving Bronze, Silver and Gold 4 years plus and started school and completed Stage 7 Lifesaving Society UK are the leading provider for water safety education, rescue techniques and resuscitation.  There are three stages; Bronze, Silver and Gold and each stage is subdivided into 3 levels. Each stage can be completed in roughly 16 weeks and a pupil can progress at their own rate
Adult 18 years plus, beginners and intermediate Learn to swim or to improve your technique on a
particular stroke

All of our swim teachers are Swim England qualified, will be wearing correct uniform so that can be easily identified, be working to the Swim England national teaching plan and have a valid CRB


Swimmers Progress Report

During the term your child will be continually assessed on their progress. Every quarter you will receive a pupil record of achievement. This identifies the skills that have been learnt, and lets you know how your child is progressing

Pupils involved in the swim school set up are able to log on to our website and view their child’s progress online through the LED HomeHub

How to Join

You can either contact us directly or pop in the centre and have a chat with a member of the team.  If you  unsure of your child’s ability we can arrange for them to have an assessment Once the child has been assessed we can see what availability we have during the week and get your child started on our swimming programme!



There are a range of payment options and you can choose from either Direct Debit or Termly payments of 10 week blocks

Direct Debit is an on-going payment, which will continue until cancelled by the payer.  With all our Direct Debit prices for Swim School, the child will be entitled to free public swimming during public sessions as well as their swimming lessons. Direct Debit guarantee’s your child a place in the swimming lesson program for the next term

Termly Payments can be made two weeks before the end of every 10 week block you will have the opportunity to renew your Swim School membership for the new term.  This will then guarantee your space for the new term so that your child can continue with the swimming program. You also have the option of changing to direct debit during this two week period if you wish. If you forget or miss the enrolment period then there is a possibility that your child could lose their space on the swimming lessons programme

You can sign up to the swimming lesson programme at any time


Terms and Conditions 

All activities are subject to availability and LED reserve the right to cancel, amend, suspend or withdraw classes at any time.  Priority booking is given to those already on the Swim School programme.  It is possible to enrol after the course has started where places are available, payment is pro-rata.  Places will only be guaranteed when payment has been received.  Payments can be made either by cash, cheque made payable to LED Leisure Management LTD or card  either over the phone or in person

Customer stories

I never learnt to swim as a child, and finally plucked up the courage as an adult to visit my local swimming pool. Immediately help was on hand as I was booked onto an adult beginner class. There was me thinking that I was the only adult in this situation. My instructor made life very easy from the start, taking one small step at a time. Two years later & I am now confident in my ability to swim, have an LED AQUA Membership & swim at least three times every week. I never thought in a million years that I would now class swimming as my favourite hobby!