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HIIT & Core

Power. Determination. Grit


Awesome for those who have been working on their fitness

Increase your body’s metabolism at an insane rate

Short sharp 45 minute workout 

Make your core sit and notice you

Short bursts of high intensity exercises

Brief recovery periods in between

A range of high impact high intensity whole body exercises – with a particular focus on your core

Pack a towel for your sweaty brow

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and trainers


Key Information

LED’s HIIT & Core classes bring you everything you want from a High Intensity Interval Training session ensuring you rocket your metabolism and your core to moon!

Your calorie burn rate will be accelerated to the max long after you’ve finished the class  making this one of LED’s most time efficient workouts ever!

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Customer stories

What a way to workout, so much fun!! The instructor is incredible and keeps us going through the whole class.  I come every week now just because I feel so awesome for hours after!