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Food Diary

Eat.  Drink.  Write it Down

One of the simplest ways to start tackling your nutrition is to keep a simple and honest record of what you're actually eating. You might be surprised how quickly a cheeky biscuit here and a dollop of sauce there quickly adds up.


Once you've completed your 3 day Food Diary you'll sit down with one of our qualified nutritional advisors to find small and simple actionable steps you can take to improving your diet. We aren't here to judge, we simply want to support you as best we can on your fitness journey.

Key Information


3 Day Food Diary

Our Nutrition team know the importance of good nutrition so as part of your LED Unlimited Membership we offer you nutritional support

Your nutritional intake has a huge impact on your goals and whether you achieve them or not. Poor diet could be the reason why all your hard work in the gym, pool, classes or sports may not be producing the result you want. Small adjustments to your intake, making simple lifestyle changes and adding a few missing pieces can make all the difference

One of the most effective ways to get started is by keeping a simple Food Diary

The process is very simple. You can book an appointment here with your nutritional advisor where we will provide you with a 3 Day Food Diary and outline how to complete it.  A follow up appointment is then arranged for you to look at your diet together and highlight the areas where you are excelling and where you might need to make some improvements. You will come away with 3 key areas to focus on which will help you progress towards your goals!

Further appointments can then be booked regularly to make sure you are staying on track and keep progressing to a healthier, leaner and happier you!

Ready to get going?! Yay - let's do this!

Click here to download your Food Diary!