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Seniors Tennis at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre

Key Information

Walking Tennis

Love the idea of tennis, thought you were too old or unfit or returning from an injury? Then try walking tennis, a slower simpler version of tennis played on a smaller court with softer balls and with up to 2 bounces allowed. Suitable for players looking for a low impact activity 

Tennis Xpress

A fun ‘off the shelf’ introduction to tennis using modified equipment so adult beginners can quickly learn the game of tennis, being able to serve, rally and score. 

Super Seniors Touch Tennis & Sports Morning

Never say No!! A chance to have fun playing Touch Tennis, (smaller court, softer ball, smaller racket) Table Tennis, (weather permitting) other activities such as skittles, short mat bowls, and quoits. Plus some downtime in our lounge.

Cardio Tennis

An engaging group fitness programme featuring the heart pumping effects of tennis drills, games, and skills delivering an aerobic and anaerobic workout.  Cardio Tennis is a very social activity for all ages, ability and fitness levels.  The Cardio Balls equalize the playing field and enhance the workout.  

Tennis Drills

Train like the pros!  Drills session provides players with the perfect opportunity to practice specific techniques and skills. 

Tennis Drills & Matchplay

Train like the pros!  Drills session provides players with the perfect opportunity to practice specific techniques and skills and then practice during organised matchplay.

Walking Football

Ideal for those players who wish to play a game of football, in a fun friendly and sociable environment without the physical demands of running!  This session does not have a coach and players organise themselves into mini-games during the evening. 


Do you want to enjoy some fun, low impact, fully functional exercise that will improve your cardio fitness as well as your strength for everyday activities and get some fresh air?

Call us on 01395 223355 to book