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Kettlebells at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre

Tone. Cardio. Strength


45 minutes

The best exercise class for anyone who wants to put a swing into their fitness

Work your whole body in one workout

Great combination of cardio and weight training

Build strength and stamina 

Workout using the super versatile kettlebell

Train your whole body to the beats of some thumping music

Work for short periods of time mixed with just about enough recovery

Pack a towel - you might need it!

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and trainers

Key Information


LED’s Kettlebell classes at Exmouth Tennis and Fitness Centre uses these amazing cast iron weights in a workout that uses a piece of equipment that originated hundreds of years ago in Russia

Kettlebell exercises work so many of your muscles in each move you’ll be sure to build your strength whilst chopping and swinging your way through one of our phenomenal classes

Our inspiring team of instructors teach you good form and kettlebell technique so you will learn new skills whilst  getting an incredible whole body workout  

Kettlebells  are used in an entirely different way than a dumbbell or a barbell, the shape and the handle mean you will be mixing fast powerful swings and punches with slow controlled movements getting you the results you want – fast! 

An LED kettlebell session will give you a total body strengthening and conditioning workout using one piece of equipment making this and who doesn't want a total-body resistance and cardio workout that only takes 45 minutes?

So why not take a look at the timetable and book your space NOW!

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Customer stories

One of my favourite classes of the week – it works my whole body but I can really feel my abs working on nearly every exercise!  The instructor is fab at keeping my technique right and keeping me moving right up until the end of the class!