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HIIT Tennis at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre

Get ready for a fitness experience that's not only fun, but also incredibly sociable and bursting with high-intensity energy! Our HIIT Tennis classes are open to members of all ages and abilities, ensuring everyone can join in on the action.


These sessions are designed to be short, sharp, and efficient, lasting a dynamic 30 minutes – the perfect quick fix to inject a thrilling dose of intensity into your weekly fitness routine. During the class, you'll have the chance to hit some tennis balls, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your workout.


Our HIIT Tennis classes feature engaging, short bursts of high-intensity exercises, with brief recovery periods strategically placed in between to keep you going strong. Expect a diverse range of high-impact, whole-body exercises combined with tennis movements that will leave you feeling invigorated and accomplished.


Don't forget to pack a towel just in case you break a sweat, and bring along some refreshing water to stay hydrated. For your utmost comfort, we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing and supportive trainers to maximize your HIIT Tennis experience.

Key Information


LED Community Leisure's HIIT Tennis classes are exceptionally fun, highly sociable, and deliver a truly exhilarating high-intensity group exercise experience, all skillfully led on our top-tier tennis courts. These invigorating HIIT Tennis sessions are available to participants of all ages and skill levels, whether you're a valued member or new to our community.

Guided by expert instructors and accompanied by a motivating music backdrop, you'll not only strike countless tennis balls during your class but you'll also have a great cardio workout at the same time. Perfect for new players looking to build their fitness levels or for enthusiasts eager to diversify their routine, our HIIT Tennis classes cater to all.

The exceptional calorie-burning potential of this workout extends well beyond the class's conclusion, ensuring that your metabolism remains turbocharged long after you've left the court. This makes HIIT Tennis one of LED's most time-efficient and effective workouts, particularly tailored for individuals seeking impressive fat loss results.