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Adult Tennis Programmes at Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre

Learn.  Develop. Play


For adult tennis players who want to commit to a coaching programme

Key Information

Welcome to the Exmouth Tennis & Fitness Centre Adult Coaching Programme - take a look at what's on offer and then feel free to have a chat with a member of the team to see how you can get invovled


The First Step - included in UNLIMITED Membership

The first step is for new players to attend one of our FREE player assessments with one of our tennis coaches who in discussion with you will be able to recommend the best programme 


Introduction to Tennis - 50% discount for UNLIMITED Members

New players can attend our introduction to tennis programme, during this half term programme players will learn the fundamental strokes, grips and footwork for the game of tennis, at the end of the programme players will be advised by the tennis coach how to progress


Specialist Group Coaching - 50% discount for UNLIMITED Members 

For those players who are more committed to learning and developing new tennis techniques, the specialist group coaching is perfect. Players enrol for a half term programme and each week the session will have a specific emphasis on improving your game, focusing on  the technical skills, footwork and tactical game situations


Scheme of Work

A copy of the scheme of work for each course will be available at the beginning of the term and on the Adult Tennis Programme notice board

Player Levels

  • Introduction to Tennis

This session is suitable for players who are new to the game. Players will learn the fundamentals of the game, of tennis,  including groundstrokes when both players are at the back of the court, how to approach the net and net play, how to serve and return serve, including basic  grips, swing shape, footwork and court positioning.  A slower ball will be used allowing players with the time to develop the skills

  • Level 1 / 2

Players attending this programme will have learnt the  fundamentals of the game and can maintain a short groundstroke rally.  This level programme will focus on techniques, footwork and structuring points with movement

  • Level 2 / 3

Players attending this programme will be able to maintain a  consistent rally from behind the baseline using both forehand and backhand groundstrokes, serve consistently and will be developing the use of topspin and slice, opening up the court and maintaining their position on the court during matchplay situations

  • Level 3 / 4

Players attending this programme will be developing more advanced techniques including the change of spin, pace and direction of the balls whilst moving for the ball and be apply to apply more advanced tactics into a game situation including defending and attacking, serve and volley and chip ‘n’ charge

Click the link to see the full timetable of our Specialist Group Coaching courses

Adult Tennis Coaching Programme Timetable


So why not pop into the centre and have a chat with a member of the team or feel free to call on 01395 223355 to see how you can get involved - we look forward to hearing from you!