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Virtual Classes at Exmouth Leisure Centre

Virtual is a great way to try a class before
moving to a live instructed class.   


There are lots of different programs that really
help you to mix up your workouts!

Key Information

Our virtual classes are updated every three months with new choreography and music, just like our live classes. Many are also available in different lengths


Get toned, lean & fit with this total body workout, suitable for everyone. Available in 30, 45 and 55-minute formats.


Combining yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, this 30 or 55-minute class improves your mind, body and soul. Suitable for all


A 30-minute workout that activates core muscles, making your body stronger and chiselling that waistline


A 30 or 50-minute indoor cycling class set to motivating music. Burn calories, get fit and feel euphoric


Leave your egos at the door and get set to party with this insanely addictive dance workout


Our series of 30-minute HIIT workouts, scientifically designed to deliver results through intense athletic training


Journey through digitally-created worlds on this 45-minute, multi-peak cycling workout


A 30-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength and free your inner dancer


A 30-minute cycle HIIT workout scientifically designed to burn calories, build lean muscle and drive athleticism