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VertExe Climbing Wall at Exmouth Leisure Centre at Exmouth Leisure Centre

Scale. Grip. Scramble


LED's Exmouth Leisure Centre brings you VertExe Climbing Walls - interactive and challenging climbs that take being active to new dizzy heights!

Key Information

Vertexe Participation Statement Logo

To keep things ticking over well, please make sure you take a read before you climb

Participation Statement

You should be in good health to participate in physical activity and participate in accordance with these rules. It is important that all children adhere to these safety rules to ensure they get the most out of there session. Climbing is not recommended for guests that have neck or back problems, heart problems or have had recent surgery. If you encounter any problems or have any pre-existing relevant medical conditions (physical or mental) that you feel would affect their climbing ability, please declare these to a member of LED VertExe staff.

COVID-19 Considerations

  • Instructors will wear facemasks at all times in the climbing area
  • Climbers will be asked to sanitise hands in between each climb
  • Members in both the waiting area and climbing area will be asked to adhere to social distancing guidellines
  • There will be a 15min break in between climbing sessions to allow for instructors to deep clean 

Rules of the Wall

•           Participants must arrive in time for the safety brief. We can’t accommodate late arrivals.

•           Min age 4yrs.

•           Parents/Guardians remain responsible for all children under 8 years old.

•           Climber max weight is 150kgs/23 Stone Min Weight 10kgs

•           Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.     

•           No food or drink permitted in the climbing area. 

•           If you are pregnant please consider your physical condition. After 16 weeks we advise you not                            

to climb. A full body harness must be worn until week 16.

Participants must

•           Have harness checked by staff before climbing.

•           Only be clipped on & off the wall by a member of trained staff.

•           Follow any safety instructions as directed by LED VertExe staff.

Participants must never

•           Hold onto or pull down on the safety line whilst climbing.

•           Bounce out from the wall during descent.

•           Walk on orange triangle mats or running in the climbing area.

•           Parents are not permitted in the climbing area unless agreed otherwise.

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