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Public & Family Swim at Exmouth Leisure Centre

Lane Swimming. Programmes. Classes

We have 2 swimming pools that offer a diverse and varied programme of sessions and activities.  The leisure centre's pools are deck level and the main pool has 6 lanes and measures 25 metres.


The learner pool has stepped entry and both pools are kept at comfortable temperatures at all times.


We offer a comprehensive programme of lessons for both adults and children and we also run SwimFit sessions alongside AquaZumba, Aqua Fit, and health classes.  The programme runs for a continuous 50 weeks of the year and offers individual and group teaching that follows the Swim England pathway for swimming.  Please feel free to have a chat with a member of the swim team for more information





Key Information


We offer various sessions for the public at all three pools. These include:

Lane Swimming: The pool is split into slow, medium and fast lanes for all abilities of lane swimmer. Note lanes may be single or double width.

Swim for all: The pool is split halfway, with half of the pool available for lane swimming and half the pool open for all ages abilities and aquatic activities. Inflatables not permitted, but swim aids are more than welcome.

Family Swim: The pool is open for families and casual swimming. There may be a single lane in for mixed ability lane swimming within the session. Swimming aids and equipment may be used. 

Training lanes: The pool is split into single lanes. All abilities are welcome, but this session is designed for the more serious lane swimmers - for example those wishing to follow a training session or swimfit plan. 

SwimFit: Lanes available. A coach or SwimFit activator may be present. 

Learner Pool Sessions: Public swimming in the learner pool (available at Exmouth only). This pool is shallower and perfect for babies and younger children. 

For the safety of all our pool users, all children aged under 8 must be supervised by a responsible adult aged over 16 years old.  The swimming pool adult:child ratios state that children aged between 5 and 8 years old that are using the main pool can be supervised on a 2:1 basis.  Any children under 5 must be supervised on a 1:1 basis.  In addition, we require that and children aged under 5 using the learner pool must be supervised on a 2:1 basis

Please note: The below booking system will only book 1 member in, please ring us on 01395 266381 to book in all other members for family bookings. 


Day Time Duration Spaces Action
Sunday 09:00 45 mins 1 Book
Sunday 09:45 45 mins 24 Book
Monday 06:30 60 mins 17 Book
Monday 07:30 60 mins 18 Book
Monday 08:30 60 mins 14 Book
Monday 20:45 60 mins 20 Book
Tuesday 06:30 60 mins 16 Book
Tuesday 07:30 60 mins 18 Book
Tuesday 08:30 60 mins 23 Book
Tuesday 18:15 45 mins 11 Book
Tuesday 19:00 75 mins 29 Book
Wednesday 06:30 60 mins 17 Book
Wednesday 07:30 60 mins 18 Book
Wednesday 08:30 60 mins 18 Book
Wednesday 17:45 60 mins 10 Book
Wednesday 18:15 30 mins 10 Book
Wednesday 20:45 60 mins 20 Book
Thursday 06:30 60 mins 15 Book
Thursday 07:30 60 mins 19 Book
Thursday 08:30 60 mins 20 Book
Thursday 19:00 60 mins 30 Book
Friday 06:30 60 mins 19 Book
Friday 07:30 60 mins 20 Book
Friday 08:30 45 mins 19 Book
Friday 09:15 45 mins 28 Book
Friday 19:15 60 mins 9 Book
Saturday 08:00 45 mins 24 Book
Saturday 08:45 45 mins 29 Book
Saturday 09:30 45 mins 14 Book
Sunday 09:00 45 mins 26 Book
Sunday 09:45 45 mins 30 Book
Monday 06:30 60 mins 30 Book
Monday 07:30 60 mins 29 Book
Monday 08:30 60 mins 26 Book
Monday 20:45 60 mins 20 Book
Customer stories

I was always sceptical about yoga thinking that I wouldn’t be bendy enough but after my first class I realised there was so much more to it! I’m encouraged to explore postures and whilst the classes can be intense the work goes deep and stays with me long after I’ve gone home

I wanted to tone my abs ready for my holiday but going weekly to this session made me realise how much better my posture was and has even helped with my backache at work