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Body Pump at Exmouth Leisure Centre

Lean. Strong. Tone


60 minutes

An awesome class for anyone who wants to get fit and tone up 

Get lean and toned

Strengthen your bones

Improve your fitness and stamina

Use barbells

Lift light to moderate weight with lots of repetition

Workout to thumping tunes

Pack a towel in case you sweat

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and trainers

Key Information


LED's Body Pump classes held here at Exmouth Leisure Centre have been developed and created  by the exercise experts at Les Mills – the international brand name that you know guarantees results every time

Why not come along and let our team of captivating instructors coach you through the scientifically proven moves and techniques that can only come from a Les Mills class.

Listen whilst they whoop out encouragement, motivation to the beats of some thumping great music – you're guaranteed to achieve so much more and with classes throughout the week we hope to fit into even the busiest of schedules

LED’s BODYPUMP™ is an awesome class for all levels of fitness, even if you’re new to exercise our instructors will guide you as you effectively work out all your major muscle groups in an explosive mix of exercises. 

All BODYPUMP™ classes change every three months to continue to challenge and push you – all you need to do is turn up, get lean and get fit! 

So why not take a look at the timetable and book your space NOW!

Day Time Duration Spaces Action
Thursday 08:15 45 mins 18 Book
Thursday 12:45 45 mins 26 Book
Thursday 18:40 45 mins 13 Book
Friday 08:00 60 mins 26 Book
Friday 11:15 60 mins 25 Book
Friday 18:15 60 mins 21 Book
Saturday 09:15 45 mins 22 Book
Saturday 14:00 60 mins 30 Book
Sunday 11:15 60 mins 30 Book
Sunday 15:00 30 mins 30 Book
Monday 06:45 60 mins 30 Book
Monday 09:15 60 mins 8 Book
Monday 19:00 60 mins 26 Book
Tuesday 08:15 45 mins 26 Book
Tuesday 18:00 45 mins 15 Book
Wednesday 09:15 60 mins 12 Book
Wednesday 14:00 45 mins 28 Book
Wednesday 18:50 60 mins 25 Book
Thursday 08:15 45 mins 27 Book
Thursday 12:45 45 mins 29 Book
Thursday 18:40 45 mins 28 Book
Friday 08:00 60 mins 30 Book
Friday 11:15 60 mins 29 Book
Friday 18:15 60 mins 29 Book
Customer stories

BodyPump is the BEST! It took a few classes to get into what weights worked best for me – but now I’m going three times a week and I’ve noticed some incredible changes to my figure!