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Cardio. Dance. Condition

Perfect for everyone and anyone but especially those who want to make a party out of their exercise class

A total body workout that combines all the elements of fitness

Develop your flexibility and co-ordination 

Get a great energy boost from this fun packed party of an exercise class

Wiggle and giggle your way through one of our most fun packed party classes

Move your whole body to the beats of some incredible music

Learn some great dance moves to take onto the dance floor

Pack a towel to mop your shiny brow

Bring some water to quench your thirst

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and trainers

Key Information


LED’s Dance & Fit exercise classes are for everybody and every body!  This total body workout has all your essential exercise needs giving you your cardio, toning, balance and flexibility all in one non-stop shindig of a shop!

Low intensity and high intensity moves are mixed up in an interval style fat and calorie blasting dance workout

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